Pair of deer enter Norwalk store

NORWALK Joyce Drake of Norwalk spent part of her Sunday afternoon trying to solve the mystery of the
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Joyce Drake of Norwalk spent part of her Sunday afternoon trying to solve the mystery of the wandering deer.

Drake, an accountant for Hills Interior Inc., 38 West Main St., Norwalk, was called to the store by Norwalk police after two deer jumped through the business's storefront window.

One of the deer died later that day after being hit by a car on Whittlesey Avenue. Police could not find the other deer.

"We have no idea what possessed them to go through our store," Drake said.

Erie County wildlife officer Kevin Good said further investigation would be needed to determine exactly why the deer would do this.

"Sometimes individual (deer) in a normal population will deviate from normal behavior," he said. "They were probably spooked from traffic. Their reflection in the storefront window could've spooked them, too. If they were younger deer, their mother probably had another fawn and she may have kicked them loose."

The deer smashed through the window at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday. Drake arrived at the scene at about 12:45 p.m.

The normally pleasant Hills Interior store looked more like a crime scene after the deer worked their way through it.

Shattered glass and drops of blood where everywhere as it appeared one or both deer were injured after jumping through the window, which had glass about half -an-inch thick.

A trail of blood led into the rear of the store, where Drake and Norwalk police officers found their two perpetrators.

The deer apparently wandered into the back of the store and down a conveyor belt into the basement.

Fur and blood were found on the conveyor belt as well.

Drake and the officers were startled when they discovered the deer in the basement, but then again, so were the deer.

"They were running around all over the place," Drake said. "I kept saying, 'Go to the light! Go to the light!' trying to get them out of there."

The deer eventually escaped out of one of the store's rear entrances and across the street, where one deer was hit by a car.

That deer was later found in a nearby resident's garage where officers put it out of its misery.

Drake wasn't upset about the window or the clean up, but she felt sorry for the deer that died.

"They were very polite deer," she said.

Drake thought the police and motorists who witnessed the incident handled it very well.

"Nobody came in (the store)" she said. "Somebody called the police right away. If this was Cleveland, this place would probably be empty."

Good said he'd like to examine the dead deer's carcass to try and determine why it jumped through the window.