A Christmas treat: Maui Sands sale wrapped up

The new owners of Maui Sands hope to have the indoor water park up and running within a year.
Tom Jackson
Dec 21, 2011


The new owners of Maui Sands hope to have the indoor water park up and running within a year.

"We are going to evaluate what it is going to take to get this place into a working condition," said Kirit Parmar, president of Maryland-based MKSP LLC. 

MKSP shelled out $2 million in an online auction to secure the winning bid for Maui Sands, the troubled water park at Ohio 2 and Milan Road. The company has tied up all the loose ends on the purchase, potentially opening a new era for the water park.

Parmar said his company has a number of employees who have worked in the hospitality industry, and he plans to capitalize on their skills as he sets out to reintroduce Maui Sands to Erie County tourists and residents.

For more on Parmar's plans, pick up Wednesday's Register.



Great... more traffic... UGH...


Great...a waterpark...we need one of those


uh huh.... also more sales tax revenue, more bed tax revenue, more employment opportunities, more options to attract tourist dollars, more real estate tax revenue.

I can tolerate the traffic and plan my route 250 errands to avoid the busiest peak summer traffic.


So, he's bringing in his staff from out of town/state?! So much for hiring locally.


Most visitors to the area travel north on 250.  Turning left into the Maui would require stoping traffic behind you while looking for an opening to cross the southbound traffic.  Talk about a high accident area in the making!!!!


Does anyone know how big the water park portion is compared to Great Wolff? 


Can someone explain who gets the 2Million$  Will Emerson get any money? The banks who provided the loans?Contractors and staff are owed wages. Then there are the taxes, utiliites and the attorney who has been maintaining the property. Hopefully none of the accounting/finance/controller staff won't be brought back. There was one accounting person who stayed on and was part of the problem in the first place?


Budweiser give me a break.  Its not like we have a dense population of qualified people here.  It says "a number of people".  If you were putting your money on the line to open a business, wouldn't you bring people for certain important positions that you had confidence in?  Or would you risk your investment to hire locally?

Restless, that's the most negative debbie-downer comment I've ever read here.  And that's saying something.  I can't decide if its funny or just sad.

here in ohio

That place is a DUMP and always will be !!


Alto the complainers - isn't it better to be open than closed? Locals will be hired.

Lloyd Christmas

Well... it cant be any worse than the previous owners and its better than it sitting there rotting.


This place doesn't look as big as the other two waterparks. I'm a meeting planner, and Im not sure I'd book that venue for a meeting or training based on its track record... I think I'll wait until it has a good year, year and a half before I try.  Yes, it's better open than closed, however, it can (and will) make traffic a bear.

Right now you can barely get out of the gas station right there, and turning into the Roadhouse is a nightmare, not to mention Wal-mart and the area there by Olive Garden... it's just too congested, but having said that... YES... a business bringing in $$ is better than a welfare corner...

They should hire local, however, the article suggests they aren't going to.


here in ohio

I use to work at this DUMP !!  this guy would be better off tearing it down and start over !!


We had friends who stayed there before it closed and they loved it. They were surprised it had closed & didn't think it was a dump at all. They've been to Great Wolf and Kalahari so they did have places to compare it to.


 Just a thought, but the owners around there should connect up and use the light at AppleBees somehow.