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For Margaretta levies As parents of future Margaretta students, we are supporting the great vision and goals set by the staff
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


For Margaretta levies

As parents of future Margaretta students, we are supporting the great vision and goals set by the staff and administration of the Margaretta Local School District.

However, the challenges are great to achieve these goals. The biggest challenge is funding. Ohio has passed legislation that does not allow school revenue to keep up with the required expenses.

The Margaretta administration has taken the necessary steps to cut costs. This clearly shows the administration is being responsible to all tax payers. More cuts will negatively affect the education of our children.

Our children need quality education. Quality schools and educated children directly and positively affect our community. Please take a stand and show our children we want the best education for them.

Rod and Kendra Smith


Students for schools

We are seniors at Sandusky High School and we are voting "YES" for the school levy. We all have received an amazing education in Sandusky City Schools and want our siblings to have the same advantages we did. All three of us are going on to college and we owe that to the wonderful education we received and the college prep classes that Sandusky High has to offer. We have all been in extra-curricular activities and hope that it will continue once we have graduated. In order to keep up the great progress that Sandusky City School is making, we are voting "YES" on Tuesday and we hope that you will support our education. Can you really put a price on your child's education?

Thanks for your support.

Tiffany Hall

Ayanna Gant

Ted Thomas Fox


What about Bellevue?

This in reference to the Sandusky County parks property tax levy.

I have lived in Bellevue for 47 years and Sandusky County all my life And all the parks are in the Western end or Central area of the county. Any park we go to we have to drive. We have used the bike trail many times and we have to drive there especially if you have kids go along. With gas so high we need more parks in the eastern part of the county. We need parks to walk or ride bikes to.

Sandusky County gives very little to support our parks in Bellevue. I also believe we need a sales tax or an income tax so everyone has to pay not just the property tax owner.

Richard K. Stevens


Sales taxes way to go

Erie County should reduce property taxes and raise sales taxes, to compensate, as the South Carolina people are proposing.

The property taxes in Erie County are rising while real values of homes are dropping.

Some older people can't pay property taxes and could lose their homes.

Lower taxes on property and higher sales taxes are the way to go.

I protest the higher taxes on property and wish to be quoted on this, as such, and plan to pursue this action after getting a petition together if necessary. All assistance will be appreciated.

Al Templeton


Parks a bargain

How many of you or your children have ever had some free time and you had to decide how to use it -- perhaps swimming, fishing, biking, camping or maybe a picnic, a nature walk or visit to a playground? The Sandusky County Park District offers all of this and more. You could also take part in special programs such as the popular Christmas at the Cabin dinners, movie nights at the beach (complete with family movie, concession stand and popcorn). You might enjoy canoeing down Green Creek to the bay to watch eagles or learn about wetland plants and animals or water quality testing. You and your children could tag Monarch butterflies this summer and thrill to see some of them return to Sandusky County next spring. All this and more for only $2.50 per month for the owner of a $100,000 home.

Sandusky County has an outstanding park district. They have not asked for new money for 18 years. Can we really justify closing these parks so that we must spend more than $2.50 a gallon for gasoline to seek our recreation while spending our money elsewhere?

Pat and Herb Sneider

Helena, Ohio

Qualified for judge

As a retired Vermilion police officer, I have known attorney Zack Dolyk since 1978 when he began practicing law in Vermilion. I have found him to be very professional and efficient in all my dealings with him. I have worked with him when he served as acting judge and found him to be very knowledgeable, firm and fair with those appearing before him. I believe he has the needed qualifications and is an excellent candidate for Vermilion Municipal Court Judge.

Fred A. Barck


Parks for all

Prior to moving to Sandusky County I have lived, as an adult, in six states. Sandusky County Park District has one of the best, if not the best, facility and program offerings I have encountered.

My son and I learned to cross- country ski I leaned how to play the dulcimer and he improved his swimming skills through park district programs. He runs cross country at Wolf Creek Park and on the North Coast Inland Trail. We waded in the Sandusky River with park district personnel after the toluene spill to help check for the return of life to the river and my husband and I canoe and fish at White Star Park and in the Sandusky River. The canoe launch was a much needed and appreciated upgrade.

Faye Dittemore


Undeserved glory

Gee, was Friday the 13th a slow news day? I hardly think that highlighting Ms. Binger's "career" as June's Playmate of the Month is worthwhile news. I know if that were my daughter I would be so proud (I think not). Wonder what is wrong with society? It's the news media glorifying such actions instead of putting the spotlight on a truly deserving person. So instead of printing trash articles why don't you try reporting on something that is worth a person's time to read. Oh, I forgot you did try a balancing act with the story of Alexis Sarrica's anti-abuse art -- nice try!

Laurie Mierke


Unnecessary airport

It's the political "silly season" again and it might be funny, only if the elected Erie County Commissioners and their associates would do their homework, and quit trying to spend taxpayers' money foolishly.

Their "experts" have concluded a new Erie County Airport is "feasible," and at only an estimated cost to us taxpayers of $88.7 million, but only $32.7 million would come directly from Erie County taxpayers, duh!

Get real, Erie County Commissioners and your hidden agenda supporters, you and the Erie County taxpayers already have supported and paid dearly, millions of taxpayers dollars for a professional, modern, safe and more than adequate Regional Airport, 15 minutes away that a recent $100,000 FAA funded Master Plan says, will service this area for years to come.

You only have to look south of you to see another wasted taxpayer dollar, underutilized, FAA-funded county airport, that someone also thought was a great idea.

I suspect many Erie County taxpayers are smarter than you, and can suggest higher priority county issues to spend their hard- earned money on, rather than duplicating an unnecessary airport just so you can say you have an airport.

If I could, I would personally vote you or any elected official out of office for lack of due diligence if you continue to support and waste taxpayer money in this fashion!

Kenneth S. Benjamin

Past President

Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport Authority