Tanning: There's no need to take it lying down

HURON With prom and spring break approaching and wedding season just around the corner, many people
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



With prom and spring break approaching and wedding season just around the corner, many people are looking for ways to get a summer tan before summer.

Over the years, indoor tanning has advanced from the lay-down-style bed with one level of tanning to a variety of levels and bed types.

Finding the right tanning salon in the area is just a matter of personal preference.

Doug Pfahl, co-owner of TanPro USA, said their local salons offer three levels of tanning intensity: super, ultra and mega.

"The higher they go, they are much more powerful and much more powerful lamps," Pfahl said.

As each level increases, the number of bulbs in each bed and wattage increases.

Choosing a level depends on a skin type. Some darker skin types can only reach a certain shade tanning in the super bed. The higher wattage bulbs in the ultra and mega beds help them get darker.

All three levels have both tanning bed and booths available, depending on whether the tanner wants to stand or sit.

The mega level tanning bed might be the most advanced in the area. In addition to having an air-conditioner built in, the bed also mists the tanner three to four times during the visit.

"It's really comfortable," Pfahl said.

Another area salon, Touch of the Tropics, focuses on the entire tanning experience.

Co-owner Lorri Speer wants to get away from the business side of tanning and make the tanning environment part of what customers appreciate.

In addition to serving smoothies to tanners, each tanning room is named a different location and decorated accordingly.

"We're kind of like a little home base here," Speer said. "We love tanning, but the people are the No. 1 priority."

Jamaica, Maui, Key West, Miami, Acapulco and Bermuda are all represented in Speer's salon, and each room is decorated to fit the theme. Some of the decorations have been brought back from the actual locations by her customers.

Her salon also has tanning beds and a stand-up booth, all stocked with high output bulbs.

"We do put high equipment in here," Speer said. "We really want the customer to look good and feel good."

Both tanning places said their main concern is making sure customers tan for the right amount of time.

"We definitely stress moderation," Pfahl said. "When you first start out, you are going to go for shorter time and then work your way up."

Pfahl advises people to begin tanning two to three weeks before their event. He also said it is best to tan every other day because it can take over a day for a tan to fully develop.

"We don't want them to go three days before prom and try to get a tan," he said. "They're going to overdo it."