Fab 3 still keeping resolutions

Agenda Bonner AGE: 32 PROFESSION: Fourth-grade teacher, Madison Elementary. MI
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Agenda Bonner

AGE: 32

PROFESSION: Fourth-grade teacher, Madison Elementary.

MISSION: Lose weight, be happy with body image.

NOTES: Since August, Agenda has worked toward her goal inch by inch, mile by mile, pound by pound. Now more than ever, her students and family are becoming involved in her progress.

"My students ask me if I can have healthy snacks," she said.

Recently during spring break she took a trip to visit relatives who coordinated workout opportunities and healthy food choices for her during the break.

PROGRESS: "I can see the largest difference in hips and stomach," she said.

Agenda has lost 70.4 pounds and 37.75 inches. She is still shedding pounds and buying new clothing that better fits her frame. The latest purchase being the latest spring fashions.

The warmer weather is a motivation for Agenda, who hopes to find a bathing suit she won't be ashamed to wear this summer-- but it's also a challenge.

"It's a little more difficult with the warmer weather. It's a little harder to go work out so I have to do a lot of self-talk to pump myself up to get there," she said. "I pray for motivation throughout the day and workout. It's really tough somedays."

Since February ,Agenda has been running more than she ever has. She admits before she wasn't a big runner, but "everybody can run," so she's challenging herself and increasing her runnning-walking intervals each time the workout starts to get comfortable.

"Everyday is a challenge for me. It's all mental, I have to map out my day in my head: what I'm going to eat how much I can eat, if I don't,I could slack off. "I've surprised myself at how committed I am."

Teresa Castile

AGE: 36


MISSION: Get her GED, work toward a college degree.

NOTES: A busy mom and devout Christian, Castile is making her education, her family and God her top priorities. She wants her children to look to her for inspiration and motivation to do well in school, so she's going back to school.

PROGRESS: Teresa just took a pre-test portion of the GED and feels confident she did well thanks to her studying, prayers and family support. "I really have to thank God and my family for supporting me through all of this, I know they will be the reason I succeed," she said.

Sarah Roberts

AGE: 24

PROFESSION: District circulation manager at the Register.

MISSION: Stop smoking.

PROGRESS: Sarah is smoking a lot less, from a pack a day to a pack every three days. She hopes to quit smoking by her birthday, several weeks away.

Sarah still struggles while in her car and is searching for something to do with that free hand while driving instead of smoking. She recently tried a hypnotist compact disc, it put her to sleep, but didn't help her quit smoking. "My current goal is to be completely absolved from smoking by my birthday in May. It's hard and my birthday is coming up very soon, but I think since I've gone this far I can take it to the next level and be done."