One Wednesday, we'll turn our cameras on your town

I normally don't write more than a caption to go with a photo or the occasional breaking news story. Please, bear with my skills as
Jason Werling
May 24, 2010


I normally don't write more than a caption to go with a photo or the occasional breaking news story. Please, bear with my skills as a writer as I'm very excited about a project we have already started, but are publishing next week.

Starting with next Sunday's Showcase, we are going to kick off a six-month series called "One Wednesday." The premise is a photographic day-in-the-life of one of our area's small communities. That day-in-the-life will be documented on one Wednesday of the month the photo essay is to be published.

You're probably thinking, "Why Wednesday?" And my response would be, "Why not?" I thought long and hard about which day of the week would not only work best for what content we were looking for in our pictures, but what day might work best around the crazy schedules that photojournalists work.

Wednesday is a very unassuming day of the week. I didn't want to step into a community on a weekend when the majority of the residents were off from work and much of the hustle and bustle of a town square or that corner restaurant during regular business hours is gone. So that scraps Saturday and Sunday. Monday was out because studies have shown that people are less cooperative about letting a person take their picture on a Monday. All right, maybe there aren't studies, but I know I, myself, would be less cooperative. Friday is just Friday. Many people hold their Friday's dear to them, including myself. And I'll let Justin and the Funcoast crew keep you updated with what happens on Friday nights.

Well, that leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And frankly, One Wednesday has a nice ring to it. So there you have it. One of the Register staff photographers will become a resident of one of the area's small communities for a full Wednesday. You will be able to recognize us by the big cameras.

Now, I'll give you the inside scoop on what community we have already documented this past Wednesday and will be kicking off the series with...


This unincorporated Sandusky County community will probably be the smallest town that we will cover in the series. But there were plenty of images to be made throughout staff photographer Abigail Bobrow's day in the community.

The Vickerites (Vickerians? We'll just go with the "People of Vickery") had their reservations at first, which is to be expected with a new project like this. But the town, thankfully, warmed to Abby and her assignment. She'll show you a slice of life from the small community and also let you in on what its like to step into a town with only daylight as your deadline.

Coming next Sunday, April 29, on the same page you see Green Energy in today's edition (Page C1) will be our One Wednesday: Vickery. And be sure to check out next weekend for a slide show of the images with audio about Vickery. You will also have a chance to vote at on what town we cover as our sixth and final installment of One Wednesday. We have picked five communities including Vickery to cover and will divulge our "One Wednesday" for May next week.

If you see me, Abby or staff photographer Luke Wark in your town on a Wednesday, we may be there for a daily news or sports assignment or it may just be our One Wednesday.