The eyes have it

Thumbs UP to Dr. Gregory Hicks, an optometrist who looks ahead. The Sandusky eye, eye, eye and eye man was among th
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to Dr. Gregory Hicks, an optometrist who looks ahead. The Sandusky eye, eye, eye and eye man was among the tops in the nation -- among a very few in the nation -- to receive national recognition for his participation in InfantSEE, a program designed to offer free, comprehensive eye and vision care assessments to little peepers 6-12 months old. But he was doing it before the program started, and also believes in educating parents on the need for early exam, not only for the preservation of vision but also what the eyes can tell an observant doctor what's going on elsewhere in the body. Providing a one-time comprehensive check for free can, with the parents pointed in the right direction, start the child early on the road to good health.

Thumbs UP to Sandusky Schools and their enviable safety record on the district school buses. We checked around after the horrific crash that claimed the lives of the Bluffton University baseball players -- granted, that was a charter bus and not a school bus -- to see how local districts fared. Although most local districts had nothing to be ashamed of, Sandusky just stood out. Buses driving the equivalent of Sandusky to Miami had a mishap rate that works out to 44 times as safe as mom or dad dropping the kids off in the family car.

Something to think about next time you're inclined to grumble about being stuck behind one of the big yellow monsters.

Thumbs DOWN to waiting until the last minute -- or in the case of the unlucky TurboTax filers, the last nanosecond. Used to be, midnight on tax deadline day meant long lines at the post office. Now it means getting kicked off the Web site because 59 other down-to-the-wire types are trying to file their tax returns at the exact same second you're trying to file yours. Oh, for the good old days of the calculator, pencil, paper and stamp. We know: Why should Uncle Sam get your hard-earned money any earlier than he has to? But still, save yourself some headache and beat the wire by even a few minutes

Thumbs UP to Habitat for Humanity, which helps people build a home. No handout organization, this group has had a local presence for the better part of the last two decades and it's helped local folks with little hope know what it means to build a shelter and a future.