Myosky pleads to lesser charge in rifle firing

SANDUSKY Perkins Fire Chief Richard Myosky was found guilty of disorderly conduct after accidentally
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Perkins Fire Chief Richard Myosky was found guilty of disorderly conduct after accidentally firing his sniper rifle.

The punishment fits the crime, said his attorney, Justin Harris.

Myosky pleaded no contest Wednesday to the lesser charge, which was issued after his Romack 3 PSL Romanian Squad Grade Sniper Rifle discharged a round through his wall on March 3.

The bullet shot into the home of Teddy and Vicki Dees on Campbell Street, although no one was injured.

Myosky was originally charged with discharging a firearm on or near prohibited premises, but after a pre-trial meeting in court chambers, Prosecutor Lynne King decided to amend Myosky's charge to disorderly conduct.

"Our argument from the very beginning was there was an exception to discharging a firearm on your own property," Harris said.

Harris said a firearm can be discharged at a person's home as long as no person or property is damaged.

King was not available for comment, and Harris said he did not know the rationale behind her decision.

"I believe there was a debate as to whether the original charge fit the facts of the case," he said. "We were in agreement that the facts fit disorderly conduct. As such (the charge) was amended."

The Dees family declined to file charges against Myosky after the incident, and Harris said Myosky paid for the repairs to the Dees' home.

He said his client was told at the scene that Perkins police would not pursue the matter because the Dees family opted not to file charges.

"He was informed by one of the Perkins investigative officers that they didn't think there would be charges against him given that it was a freak accident and there was no criminal intent," Harris said.

But the prosecutor decided to file charges anyway.

"It was a surprise to him, his neighbors and everyone involved in the situation," Harris said. "The neighbors did not want to press charges for even a property damage claim."

Harris said after the verdict Perkins trustees contacted Myosky and assured him they support him and are happy his criminal proceedings are over.

"Mr. Myosky is happy this instance is past him," Harris said. "He will continue to serve as the fire chief for the Perkins Township Fire Dept. and try to get this past him."

The Myosky family declined to comment on the outcome of this case when called at home Thursday.