Ohlemacher pleads guilty to 5 charges

SANDUSKY A Sandusky woman charged with kidnapping a baby and poisoning the mother took responsibilit
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A Sandusky woman charged with kidnapping a baby and poisoning the mother took responsibility for her actions Thursday.

Elizabeth Ambos Ohlemacher, 34, pleaded guilty to attempted contaminating of a substance for human consumption, tampering with records, abduction and extortion. She also pleaded guilty to filing false legal documents.

For her crimes, she could receive a maximum of up to 28 years in prison and a $55,000 fine.

But the Erie County Prosecutor's office recommended she serve a total of nine years for all charges.

Assistant Prosecutor Sandy Rubino said the state is not opposed to Ohlemacher's release after 6 1/2 years as long as she has no infractions while she's in prison.

"The victims were satisfied and the state of Ohio was satisfied," Rubino said. "We believe that justice was done."

Ohlemacher is scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

In exchange for her guilty plea, charges of felonious assault, intimidation, menacing by stalking, kidnapping and an additional count of felony records tampering were dismissed.

Ohlemacher pleaded guilty to kidnapping in July 2005.

Her accuser, Janie R. Kaczor, said Ohlemacher gave her a drink which made her pass out. When Kaczor awoke, Ohlemacher refused to take her to the hospital and offered her a milk shake. The woman pretended to drink the shake but didn't. The shake was later tested and found to have large quantities of Tylenol in it, according to police reports.

Ohlemacher refused to give Kaczor her baby until the woman threatened to call police.

In March 2006, while in Erie County jail, Ohlemacher tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist. A Perkins EMS crew responded that evening and likely saved her life.

She has since sued members of the crew for causing her physical harm during the rescue and violating her privacy by calling her ex-husband the night of the incident.