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Lost opportunity I am writing to express my deep concern that the Governor’s Executive Budget will eliminat
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Lost opportunity

I am writing to express my deep concern that the Governor’s Executive Budget will eliminate the Ohio College Opportunity Grant for students enrolled in career colleges. Career colleges provide their students with contemporary, up-to-date knowledge, training and critical thinking skills to meet today’s challenging needs in business, industry and government while enriching the personal lives of students. This is a great advantage to our area businesses.

Students attending career colleges are not traditional 18-year-old students. Many of these individuals have families and are single parents. In many cases public education is impossible for them. They have earned the right to choose the education that will benefit them and their families in terms of employment training and job opportunities.

Private, for-profit colleges contribute to the community in ways such as offering skilled employees, paying taxes and employing staff and faculty members. Our graduates are tax paying citizens who contribute to the economic well being of the state of Ohio. The proposed elimination of the OCOG grant is a travesty of justice to a student population who has chosen career education over more traditional approaches. The fact of the matter is that public education does not serve all citizens. Education is about choice and career schools provide a necessary avenue towards education and job training that can not be denied.

I encourage all area students, past, present and future to write letters to the Governor, State Representatives and the Ohio Senate. Ask your families to get involved. This bill will change the financial funding and the options of your educational facilities. We must let the Governor know how HB119 will limit our options. This funding is imperative to our constituents and to the well being of the economy of the state of Ohio.

Theresa M. Fisher


Legal but not right

The following are all “legal” but perhaps just not right.

The Register usually restricts letters to the editor, by a submitter, to one a month. The rule is capricious and arbitrary, as politicians and political groups are seemingly always exempted, as are third - place state arm-wrestling parental supporters .

The delayed ruling by the Supreme Court on a the basic argument of habeas corpus rights of detainees at Guantanamo. Would you accept that? For your kids?

Military investigations, police investigations and Congressional investigations of themselves. Does anyone believe hose investigations will ever yield anything but an exoneration, or at least an “explanation”?

That the steelworkers unions were “bad” but teachers unions are blameless and good? The steel workers fought for, and were nearly universally condemned, for the type of benefits now enjoyed by the Teachers Union.

The changed Labor Day opening of schools. More time in schools would equate to more learning time, no? Every educational study says so.

Who gives more to to our representatives? The Teachers Union, Chamber of Commerce and Cedar Fair executives, and their related PAC's or some poor parent?

It's all about contributing money to politicians, the same ones that plead for better education.

You save a buck or two. The bank reduces your interest rate, making it barely worthwhile to save, and then along comes the IRS. And they tax that savings attempt.

Corporations and businesses can get tax abatements, reduced water bills, and God only knows what to stay in Erie County, but they pack up and leave!. Leaving a big bill!

Just about any ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court, who are so indebted to their campaign contributors - sorry, that includes Thomas Moyer - that they never recuse themselves when their contributors are at litigation.

David A. Corriveau