Now's the time

Now's the time, in my house anyway, to take inventory. Remember a couple weeks ago when my refrigerator gave up the ghost? Well, onc
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Now's the time, in my house anyway, to take inventory. Remember a couple weeks ago when my refrigerator gave up the ghost? Well, once it was resuscitated, I was faced with the task of re-stocking everything that had been crammed hastily into coolers when the big melt-down occurred. Which I was eager to do -- I like to be organized and all those clean empty shelves gave me the perfect opportunity to start from scratch. I know, I'm weird like that. And clearly there was some level of disorganization prior to the great purge.

Otherwise I would have known that I had two great big jars of garlic before I purchased yet another. Only one is open. It's not like I was working on all three, but still. Considering how little you actually use in a recipe, I won't have to buy garlic for a lon-n-n-g time. Of course if there's a plague of vampires, I probably have enough to bathe in...

Unlike the garlic, I was aware that my salad dressing situation was slightly out of control but I didn't realize just how far. Last count? -- 17 varieties and that doesn't include duplicates of the exact same flavor/brand. Yeah, here's where I really have to call into question my belief that I'm an organized person.

So ok -- when I'm in the grocery store I can't always recall whether I need applesauce or olive oil or orange juice or whatever. Maybe I do need it and just didn't put it on the list. Since I'd rather not run out of something in the middle of making dinner, into the cart it goes. (For what it's worth I also have two good-sized jars of pesto, lots of coconut and an embarrasing amount of brownie mix.)

So it turns out the refrigerator is stocked with enough dressing to open a salad bar. There's a Bacon Ranch, a Buttermilk Ranch, a Cracked Peppercorn Ranch (to my credit, at least I don't have a Garlic Ranch dressing,) three different variations of blue cheese and several vinegarettes, plus assorted others.

At least I know what's there now. And I can probably forgive myself for letting the dressing take over the refrigerator and for having enough garlic to last until 2010 -- but what really bothered me was the mustard.

Yep, I said mustard. Wanna hazard a guess how many? Eight. Now who do you know that needs eight kinds of mustard? I certainly don't, and I have no idea why I have so many. I think they might be multiplying, like the fishes and loaves. Hey, maybe that's it! Maybe there are miracles being performed in my refrigerator and I don't even know it! Because I don't recall thinking, "You know, in addition to the basic yellow mustard, we should also have a dijon, a stadium, a "sweet and tangy pub style" a raspberry honey, a Creole, a Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and let's throw in some dijonaisse for good measure.

Please -- Creole mustard. I needed this? I do remember purchasing it for a recipe but how much did I use -- a tablespoon? I couldn't have figured out some way to make Creole mustard by blending some of the others? And the most important question -- do I even know what the recipe was for? Ummm. No.