REGISTER VIEWPOINTS: An inspiring run, and a doc who stuck around

Thumbs UP to the Perkins girls basketball team, for a great and inspiring run to the state championships that inclu
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to the Perkins girls basketball team, for a great and inspiring run to the state championships that included on of their number rallying the team with her list of things she wants to do with her life.

Thumbs UP to Dr. Barry Cover, who showed you can go home again, to a fulfilling professional career.

"I'm a hometown product. I've always wanted to come back to my hometown," said Cover, who's pulling in his shingle after 34 years as a doctor in Port Clinton. He went away to medical school after a stint as an orderly at Magruder Hospital, which convinced him medicine was the thing for him and Port Clinton was the place to practice it. He must like it; he plans volunteer work after he formally retires. See, there is a point to sticking around.

Thumbs UP to the state patrol and other police agencies who took some grant money and made sure the day everyone's Irish didn't turn into a day of alcohol-fueled road tragedy.

Thumbs UP for the folks who turned out to eat spaghetti and otherwise support former Sandusky police Officer Todd Suarez, whose career-ending injury was incurred on the job in the most mundane of calls. The loss of his job meant the loss of his insurance benefits, and once again Sandusky folks showed what they're made of.

Thumbs UP for the new water towers. Cheaper to build, easier to maintain, probably longer lasting -- OK, so they look like paper towel cores standing on end. But it's a needed service at a lower cost.

Thumbs DOWN, though, for the stumbling along in the handling of charges against Perkins Township Fire Chief Richard Myosky, who accidentally fired a rifle that sent a round through neighbors' houses. It took 20 days from the accidental gunshot to the filing of charges, as the case bounced from township to Sandusky city prosecutor to avoid the appearance of impropriety. That's fine, but one has to wonder if, had Myosky been Joe Average Citizen, the case would have been over and done with by now.

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