Hair today, gone for a good cause

Thumbs UP to Emily Lowe for crossing one item off the list of things she wants to do before she dies. She played Th
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to Emily Lowe for crossing one item off the list of things she wants to do before she dies. She played Thursday with the rest of the Perkins Lady Pirates in state basketball competition with the buzziest of buzz cuts. Now she can check off "shave my head." That she celebrated her team's trip to state -- even though the Pirates lost -- and donated the shorn locks to Locks of Love, which uses donated human hair to make wigs for people who have lost their hair to illness or therapy, make this list item a little more memorable.

Thumbs UP to revamping the signals on Perkins Avenue -- anything to smooth out the flow of traffic on the busiest local road in Erie County.

Thumbs UP to Nick Georgiafandis, who can carry a tune and a tradition. His friends told him he might want to give the Edison music program a couple years, and he's finally done with it, 36 years down the line. Apparently staying power is one of the things generations of band kids learned from the redoubtable "Mr G"; anyone who's watched one of this area's numerous parades from the tail end of the route can vouch for the fact that, while many a marching unit is beginning to wilt, the Charger marchers are still high-steppin' and rarin' to go.

Thumbs DOWN to the latest round of hysteria, this time over the three-week-early switch to Daylight Savings Time. All those electronics with their automatic clocks, we wailed; it was sure to be a disaster the proportions Y2K was supposed to be. We're sure quite a few smart people put in some extra hours to head off the problem, but it ended up more of a blip than a blowout. So some of us with older computers had to reset the clocks manually and will have to do it again in a couple weeks when the machine's clocks switch to the OLD daylight savings time. Oh, the calamity.

Thumbs UP to the Boys & Girls Club of Sandusky, sending kids home with backpacks full of food for the weekend. Some of the kids depend on school lunch programs for proper nutrition, but young bodies need nutrition on Saturdays and Sundays, too. And it looked like the kids loved getting the backpacks, too. More thumbs up to Wal-Mart and Second Harvest Food Bank, who donated the food and the backpacks, and Murray and Murray Charitable Foundation, which funded the program. To participate in the backpack program, volunteer or to donate, call 419-624-9250.