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Thumbs UP to the residents of Lakeland Drive in Perkins Township for focusing on one aspect of a problem with an ey
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to the residents of Lakeland Drive in Perkins Township for focusing on one aspect of a problem with an eye toward solving it, and not letting that concern slide into blind opposition. Specifically, they tell Perkins Township trustees flooding concerns need to be dealt with before turning the former Strickfaden greenhouse and nursery property on Bell Avenue into a park. They ought to know; some residents of Lakeland and Searsville are still dealing with the after-effects of last June's floods.

And thumbs up to township leaders for listening. So far, everyone's focused on a goal, not what's in it for them. Let's have that whenever we can.

Thumbs DOWN for Castalia police Chief Ken Majoy for refusing to take any phone calls after 4 p.m. A woman is allegedly attacked in her home and Majoy is unable to provide any information about the incident until two days later. Majoy instructed a police dispatcher that he was not to be disturbed after his shift ended. The police department's leader should make it a point to be available.

Thumbs UP for the appointment of Jeanine Donaldson, Sandusky native, to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The former Jeanine Potter notes the post usually goes to someone from one of Ohio's big cities, so here's to Sandusky's voice being heard in the halls of power. The fact her family has a history of standing up for civil rights only makes her appointment all the more right.

Thumbs DOWN for the thought of just tossing money at Ohio schools to fix them. That the funding system is broken is an article of faith among more and more people, but the thought that meeting a certain expenditure level, as implied in one state study soon to be under way, will give our kids a "world-class" (whatever that is) education is simplistic.

Thumbs UP to Tim Hall, a custodian at South Central Elementary School in Greenwich who saw an emergency and responded. Hall was in the school cafeteria Feb. 20 when second-grade student Noah Radcliffe began choking. Some of the students desperately called for help and Hall came to the rescue, performing the Heimlich maneuver and dislodging a piece of food that had gotten stuck in the wrong pipe, as it were. These two likely will be pals for life.

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