A success story from Sandusky

"How are the schools?' That's a question real estate agents hear from newcomers to any community.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


“How are the schools?”

That’s a question real estate agents hear from newcomers to any community.

The answer to that question depends on what criteria you use in measuring a school’s success.

Standardized test scores are one method of measurement. But they only tell part of the story.

Support of school levies indicate how willing the community’s residents are to support the system.

Solid buildings, current textbooks, teacher-to-pupil ratio, strong parent-teacher communication and good old-fashioned school spirit are all indicators of a district’s health.

But the proof lies in its students and alumni.

One of the Sandusky School System’s own, Eugene Sanders, came back last week to talk to students about pride, goals and looking at obstacles as challenges rather than roadblocks.

As CEO of the Cleveland Municipal School District, Sanders knows about challenges. The 60,000 pupil school district came under his watch with spotty test scores, high-dropout rate, financial problems and lack of public trust. He brought with him a positive attitude, vast knowledge and solid experience in the educational process. He’s making a difference.

Sanders picked up the building blocks to his success in Sandusky. He gave credit to his family, his church and his education in Sandusky Schools. A 1976 graduate of SHS, he encouraged students to accept the challenges life presents and to equip themselves with the tools needed to succeed.

Sanders is one of thousands of alumni of area schools to find success in their chosen careers. The tools are here. It’s up to the students to use them to forge their way in life.

To them, we say “Go for it” and then bring it all back home. You can be one who makes a difference.