The proper treatment

Thumbs UP to Northern Ohio Medical Specialists, both for its part of an insurance agreement with Medical Mutual of
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to Northern Ohio Medical Specialists, both for its part of an insurance agreement with Medical Mutual of Ohio that keeps its doctors preferred providers with  Medical Mutual, and for its announcement of an after-hours clinic, the kind of medical facility that offers care for more routine medical sort-of emergencies and medical needs for folks who can’t fit into the usual doctors’ hours. It’s a business, but it’s also a service the Sandusky area has largely been without for many years.

We were going to say thumbs DOWN, just on general principle, to another postage rate increase ... but thumbs UP, because a first-class stamp is, even at the soon-to-be-approved 41 cents, still a heck of a bargain for getting a message almost anywhere you want it to go. And another thumbs UP to the idea of the “forever” stamp that’ll be good for first-class postage no matter how long you wait to use it, or whether the price goes up again. Some folks who can afford it will take the long view and buy, say, a roll of 100 forever stamps at the 41-cent rate — but why not reward foresight?

A worried thumbs DOWN to Gov. Ted Strickland’s appointments of industry lawyers and lobbyists to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio — which, despite the role of the more consumer-oriented Office of Consumers Counsel, is still supposed to look out for the interests of utility customers as well as utilities. Fox guarding henhouse, anyone?

Thumbs UP and applause, to a couple local people who saw some dreams come true in front of a crowd.

Erin Barylski, formerly of Huron and now a jewelry designer in Naples, Fla., did the splits for David Letterman during one of his old standby segments, “Stupid Human Tricks.” After presenting the host with a pair of  cufflinks she made, she, um, locomoted across the stage in the Ed Sullivan Theater in a pose most of us would consider painful.

Considerably less weird was the achievement of Simone Prince, an 8-year-old Sandusky girl with the pipes of an angel. On a temporary stage at the I-X Center during this week’s Cleveland Auto Show, Simone wowed the kids’ division of Fox 8’s “Cleveland Idol” contest, a local version of the insanely popular “American Idol” TV show. We hear Simone gave the crowd a song even grouchy Simon would have had to say was sweet.

Thumbs DOWN for Castalia police Chief Ken Majoy for refusing to take any phone calls after 4 p.m. A woman is allegedly attacked in her home and Majoy is unable to provide any information about the incident until two days later. Majoy instructed a police dispatcher that he was not to be disturbed after his shift ended. That might be OK for a patrol officer, but the police department's leader should make it a point to be available.