An end to conceit

Once again "conservatives' are criticizing "liberals' for daring to quote "the Bible'. Clearly,
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Once again “conservatives” are criticizing “liberals” for daring to quote “the Bible”. Clearly, those on the right think they are the sole custodians and only interpreters of the Bible.

Such conceit comes from an arrogant presumption that they, and only they, have correctly understood the Bible. To protect that conceit they would silence all others who have a different understanding. They would deny our very right and freedom to have or to express our own opinion or knowledge. To them, we are “wrong” simply because we are different.

The Bible is open to interpretation. Indeed, interpretation is often necessary. There are formal tests to determine which interpretation is correct. The language of the Bible is often poetic and idiomatic. The failure to recognize that leads to errors. Literalism is actually a very shallow approach that misses the Bible’s deeper meanings.

The conservative conceit cannot be supported. The truth is, they don’t understand the Bible at all.

The Hebrew creation story actually agrees with scientific theory. The story of Adom and Havah is not about “original sin,” it is about “free will.” The story of “Sodom and Gomorrah” is not about homosexuality, it is about violence, bigotry, oppression and injustice. The earliest followers of Jeshu Ha-Notzri (Jesus’s real name) were communists and pacifists. And some of them were terrorists.

Kenneth S. Atkins