Margaretta Schools mulls levy renewal

Leaders at Margaretta Schools know they must ask voters to renew a permanent improvement levy that expires by 2013. The question is, do they want a five-year levy or a continuing levy?
Annie Zelm
Nov 22, 2011


Leaders at Margaretta Schools know they must ask voters to renew a permanent improvement levy that expires by 2013. The question is, do they want a five-year levy or a continuing levy?

On Monday three board members agreed to pursue the continuing levy, but they lacked the votes to move the issue forward.

The 1.5-mill levy has been on the books for three decades, but the board is considering presenting it to voters as a continuing levy because the district could then borrow as much as half the amount the levy would collect over a 10-year period

The levy generates about $173,000 a year, but the school district could borrow as much as $875,000 if voters approve it for a continuing period of time.

The board has until Dec. 7 to place either a five-year levy or a continuing levy on the March ballot. It will likely schedule a special meeting within the next two weeks to make a decision.



Wouldn't they be better off pursuing "consolidation" or merging with another or other school districts? The voters there have demonstrated that they do not support any levies. If ACH is sold and god forbid, closes, where will Margaretta get tax dollars to replace ACH?

I would hate to see Castalia & Margaretta Township lose their school and the identity that it brings, but times are not good and the reality of the situation calls for them to explore consolidation.


 They are like vulters. Just passed one so the'll try to jump us again!


Will these levies raise taxes again? We have nomore to give! Seriously. I dont want margaretta to lose its school system as I have 1 child that goes there and 1 that will in a few years but we just have no more money to give. also I'd like to point out that when we recently went to my child's confernece we were SURPRISED! They have a large flat screen tv/dvd player in EVERY room (when I went to school we had 1 and it had to be checked out when the teacher needed it and brought to the room on a cart.) They also have what is called a Smart board in every room. It is a touch screen projector type computer. very expensive! (what happened to using chalk boards and chalk? that is what we did in school and we turned out just fine.) They also have IPADS for every student to use. This is in addition to all the desktops they have as well. This school thinks it has to spend spend spend. We did not have any of that stuff back when I was in school and we all did just fine.


 To say that a community is tapped out financially to one thing, to object to technology in the class room is not wise.  For better or worse kids are going to need the tech skills since you can see where all the manufacturing jobs are in the Sandusky area.  On the subject of consolidation it has been my view that elements in the political world have been seeking consolidation for decades, only to have other agendas throw a monkey wrench in the effort.  The state subsidizing the construction of new schools when many of the present buildings were serviceable is one such example.  In my area Lima Senior demolished a better building than most schools have because the state waved money at them.  The Putnam County schools should have consolidated long ago, instead, the state builds them new schools that graduate 35 kids a year.


I know they need SOME technology but not THAT much. seriously. they spent thousands upon thousands of dollars that was not needed.


The Republicans threw money obtained from the tobacco settlement at schools for buildings.  This allowed them to say they were spending more money on education, while none of it went towards salaries and benefits.  A lot of it was waste, as illustrated below.


When they got the levy passed in August, they said they were in good financial shape.  What changed in 3 months?


What is needed?  Did you tell the BOE? 

wetsu says

What is needed?




Ed Kurt's resignation.


I agree Observer.  Ed Kurt's resignation would be a good start.


 The era of $25.00 per hour factory jobs for high school graduates is over in Erie County.

The era of unlimited funds for local school systems is over in Erie County.

The Margaretta school system is being phased out by our changing world.




 First of all Ed if you are going to speak on camera please be better versed and use proper English.  This is extremely embarrassing for the school system and community when our so-called leader cannot even use proper English!!  WOW!  I agree the best thing for Margaretta School system would be for Ed to turn in his resignation effectively.  You have done enough damage.  Let someone else come in and clean up your mess!!

Bleeding Turnips

 Remember SB 5 that was voted down by  a 3 to 2 margin? Remember "Oh we're protecting the middle class?" Well already the private sector middle class is being asked to pay for it. If you voted NO on SB 5 don't complain, just vote yes for every levy that you see by a 3 to 2 margine. Don't be hipocrites now!

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None of the comments address the issue in the article, and it's an important one. It appears no one understands the issue.

This is about a renewal/replacement levy, which doesn't involve any new taxes. As long as it remains a fixed term levy like it is now, subsequent renewals will keep pace with inflation without adding any new taxes. If they replace it with a permanent levy, then it will never adjust for inflation. That sounds good, but what it means is that, as inflation diminishes the value of that fixed revenue, the district's only recourse is to have additional levies, piling on more and more permanent millage. The problem with that is, each time they do that, they have an opportunity to add more millage than is needed to account for inflation, knowing that voters can't or won't do the math.

If schools ran entirely on fixed term levies, they would have a constant funding/spending level, adjusted for inflation. Your property taxes would only increase at levy renewal in proportion to the increase in your property value. That's only fair, just like the fact that a salary increase means you pay more income tax. However, with permanent levies, the average school district budget in Ohio grows at two or more times the rate of inflation, because each new permanent levy is bigger than inflation requires.

The reason school boards prefer permanent levies is they carry less accountability. Once a permanent levy is passed, that tax millage never goes away. When a new permanent levy is on the ballot, all that is at risk is the proposed budget increase - all the existing levy revenue is safe. With fixed term levies, a failed renewal means a loss of existing funding. Thus, they have to be more responsive to the voters' desires to maintain the current budget. It's the sort of accountability private schools face every day, since, when a displeased parent withdraws his/her child, that represents a tuition check they got this year that they won't see next year.

Margaretta voters should encourage their board to stick with the fixed term levy. While the permanent levy allows them to borrow more, I think everyone in the country should be aware by now of the problem with excessive government borrowing.


Getting rid of Ed Kurt will do NOTHING.  Stop with all the BLAME!  If Kurt gets the BOOT, they will hire someone else who will do the exact same thing.  Beg for more money.  Like I have posted before, YOU are the ones who VOTED for this.  Now, it is coming to fruition.  Come on, I want all you people in Margaretta to vote YES for more teacher's UNION raises.  They always LIE to the voters about any "improvement" or "operating" levy.  It ALWAYS contributes to the raises of teachers.  Never mind that your UNION teachers will make more then you could ever dream.  Remember, the teacher's UNION demanded all teachers pay  $20 to contribute to the 0bama campaign.  WHERE does that money come from?  It comes from YOUR property taxes.  If you want to keep voting yourselves into the poor house and taking from your family then be my guest.  "It is for the children.  It is for the poor and starving little children.  You need to PAY more for the little children."  Sound familiar?  Remember when an idiotic liberal loser posted how her children were devastated and crying because a past Margaretta levy failed?  It was like the world was going to end because people did not follow her DEMANDS to pay teachers more.  The school is still there and they are still begging for more money for more FAILURE. Go ahead and vote YES to this levy.  In fact, I want everyone to vote YES for every levy.  I want to see just how far the PEOPLE will go in paying out.  We all have plenty for the UNION cause.  You just have to "sacrifice" more and have more "skin in the game" like your liar-in-thief keeps telling you.  Besides, he needs the money for that one BILLION dollar campaign war chest to get re-elected.  If this levy fails, it will NOT be the BLAME of the rich.  It will be the BLAME of YOU!  I agree.  YOU voted NO for SB5 and the UNIONS, so do NOT be little liberal hypocrites.  Show your support for the UNIONS.  Starve your kids, place a second mortgage on your homes, refinance, you can do it.  YOU voted for all this.  Now EAT IT!  Ha! Ha! 


WOW Taxpayer you are NOT bitter at all are you?  ED has run this school into the ground and we did NOT vote him in, the "wonderful" school board did.  Well the voters are starting to do something. Roger Stark is out.  Watch out Bodey and Lippert YOU are NEXT!!  We need to clean up and get rid of the GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB!!  Then and only then can we make the kind of changes to make Margaretta the kind of school we can be PROUD of!!  

Edwin Ison

 I wish just once that taxshiiter would just ONCE back up his rants with facts! HaHAhAHa!! Maniacal laughter :)