Defending Dwelle

Let's clear the air regarding Perkins Township Trustees' performance. Register, I have a copy of this letter so that I know w
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Let's clear the air regarding Perkins Township Trustees' performance.

Register, I have a copy of this letter so that I know what I wrote.

The first point is that the Perkins residents voted for Bill Dwelle because of his past experience and evidence he had done his homework in identifying the problems in the running of township business.

Secondly, Tim Coleman, you rode the coattail of Bill Dwelle because we thought you two were singing on the same sheet of music and would be a good, strong team to wade in and correct the problems. So far, Tim, we have not seen sufficient evidence of the "team playing." You can't be playing "kneesy" with those you may need to discipline or remove.

Tom Pascoe, I've known you since you were knee high to a duck. You are "left over remnant" of the board that permitted the problems to evolve. You still don't seem to understand completely the employer-employee relationship or being a team player. You want to be the nice guy. This causes wishy-washy waffling on making necessary and strong decisions on actions that need to be taken.

Of course Bill Dwelle is a prime target of criticisms because he is the chairman of the board. Thus his signature is on letters and documents. He is on the point of the spear. Those of us who supported Bill Dwelle need to be supportive by attending the trustee meetings. Don't just sit back now and allow the limb that Bill is sitting on be sawed off. There is one former trustee attending the meetings to snipe at the board. We voted you off because we didn't want to hear from you anymore.

The hearsay accusation of racial discrimination directed to Bill Dwelle did not just tarnish his reputation but also that of the entire board which represents the residents of Perkins Township. Therefore, it also splashes over Township residents of Perkins Township. Bill has been left to respond on his own because you other two did not even have the guts to speak out against the garbage or voice support of an investigation. It also appears that the individual making the hearsay accusation is till associated with the department he represents. The department head should have taken immediate corrective action but has failed to do so. It is sure interesting to see how the facts are confused or distorted when the reporter is sitting in the front row at the meetings. Of course, her editor could be the one twisting things to create sensationalism.

Jim Caldwell