May 29, 1958 - Aug 11, 2014

Ann Caroline McClure, 56, passed away Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, in Akron. 

4:10 PM Aug 13, 2014
Local students make dean's list at Akron U
8:28 PM Jun 20, 2014
Akron police in northeast Ohio say at least five heroin overdose deaths in the past two weeks may have been caused by a bad batch of drugs.
4:20 PM Jun 20, 2014
A northeastern Ohio school teacher has lost his job following Facebook posts the school board said were racist and derogatory.
2:53 PM Jun 18, 2014
Trustees have picked a University of Toledo administrator as the University of Akron’s next president, choosing him over former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel and another finalist.
5:25 PM May 9, 2014
Police in northeast Ohio say two men have been arrested for allegedly stealing 180 bronze vases from graves at a cemetery.
12:11 PM Apr 30, 2014
Tressel has been an administrator there for two years. He took the job after being forced out at Ohio State following a scandal that led to NCAA sanctions.
2:28 PM Apr 23, 2014
A northeast Ohio man tried to avoid arrest during traffic stops by identifying himself with the name of a slain former friend, causing an ordeal for that teenager’s parents when they received letters about warrants for their dead son, police and the family said.
3:59 PM Mar 17, 2014
Police in Akron said a man walked into a middle school and lured a 12-year-old girl into an empty office, where he fondled her.
11:05 PM Mar 8, 2014
Six fraternity members at a university in Ohio have pleaded not guilty to hazing charges.
7:29 PM Mar 8, 2014


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