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Huron third, 'B' team sixth at host Duals; Norwalk 2-0 in Perkins quad

Fandy.com Staff • Dec 23, 2010 at 11:22 AM

Huron's Matt King, Nino Majoy and Jordan Romick went 5-0 as the Tigers finished third of 10 teams as they hosted the Tiger Duals on Wednesday in Huron.

King and Majoy, both 2010 state qualifiers, and Jordan Romick, a district qualifier, made their first varsity appearances for the Tigers this season.

Huron coach Rob Majoy pushed back the starting date for several of his wrestlers, allowing them to sit out their season-opening tri-match against with Buckeye Central at Western Reserve, to allow them to recover from the long football season.

Huron finished 4-1 with their only loss to North Ridgeville, 52-26, in pool play. The Tigers finished off their day with a 36-35 victory over Ontario in the third-place match.

"(King is) good, really good becuse the kids see what's possible when they work hard, when they look at Matt," Huron coach Rob Majoy said. "He's easy to associate with, and it's good for our program."

Huron junior heavyweight Nino Majoy, battling early-season injuries, was going to sit out the final match against Ontario. The Tigers decided, after some armchair math, that they likely needed Majoy's points against a tough opponent from Ontario, Bryan Eyerly.

Majoy and Eyerly had a history, battling in the district consolation finals last season, where Majoy won, 3-1. On Wednesday, Majoy pulled out another one-move victory, 4-2. The three team points he earned with the decision was more than the difference in the final team score.

The Tigers are still working on getting their wrestlers in the right classes. Some of their light middleweights are wrestling out of position due to weight. Tre Bell weighed in at 171, though he wrestled at 189 for the Tigers.

Huron's "B" team finished sixth out of 10 teams, going 2-3 on the afternoon.

Majoy said that his goal was to put Huron wrestling "back on the map" and make it relevant again in the state. In years past, the program has had some trouble with turnout, but their 2010-11 roster of 24 wrestlers shows a turnaround.

"It's tough to get kids involved -- and keep them involved -- in the sport," Majoy said, citing wrestling's difficulty and level of commitment required. "But you've got to have bodies in the room before the program can improve."

Crestview defeated North Ridgeville in the first-place dual, 45-30, to win the tournament for the seventh consecutive year.

First Round

Ontario 49, Benedictine 18

Crestview 68, Huron "B" 6

Huron 60, Montpelier 21

North Ridgeville 72, Lincolnview 0

Second Round

Ontario 45, Buckeye Central 24

Crestview 78, Benedictine 6

Huron 64, Smithville 18

North Ridgeville 69, Montpelier 6

Third Round

Crestview 65, Buckeye Central 12

Huron "B" 36, Benedictine 19

Montpelier 46, Lincolnview 18

North Ridgeville 48, Smithville 18 Fourth Round

Huron "B" 31, Buckeye Central 30

Crestview 63, Ontario 12

North Ridgeville 52, Huron 26

Smithville 39, Lincolnview 24

Fifth Round

Ontario 48, Huron "B" 27

Buckeye Central 42, Benedictine 36

Huron 54, Lincolnview 29

Montpelier 42, Smithville 33

Place Round

First Place: Crestview 45, North Ridgeville 30

Third Place: Huron 36, Ontario 35

Fifth Place: Montpelier 39, Huron 36

Seventh Place: Buckeye Central 42, Smithville 33

Ninth Place: Benedictine 36, Lincolnview 34

Norwalk takes quad at Perkins

In Perkins Township, the Truckers defeated Fremont Ross and Perkins.

Norwalk coach Danny Helton said that he worried that his team might be "rusty," having not wrestled against another team since the first week of December in the Edison Invitational.

Ahmad Silmi stepped in for Norwalk in the 171-pound weight class after another wrestler missed weight. Silmi recorded a pair of wins in his first real varsity action of the season.

"I said, 'Hey, it's an opportunity for you to seize the moment and be on the center stage,'" Helton said he told Silmi. "He went out there, went for broke and had a good night."

Nathan Salmon (112), Tyler Mees (135) and Cameron Campbell (140) each won both of their matches on Wednesday for the Pirates, who went 1-1 on the day with a win over Tiffin Columbian, 34-25.

Perkins started 11 freshmen and sophomores, which they'll have to do for the rest of the season due to injuries to some of their key veterans. Perkins coach Travis Crabtree said that this is the first time in his 10-year coaching career he's had to start so many young wrestlers.

"They're not going out there and laying down," Perkins coach Travis Crabtree said. "They're going out there and putting up a fight, though sometimes they're overmatched in strength as freshmen wrestling seniors. We're not going to give up on them."

Norwalk 45, Perkins 23

103: Nick Waldron (P) dec. Derek Wilson, 4-0

112: Nathan Salmon (P) pin Jacob Kluding, 4:52

119: Bryon Logan (P) dec. Kyle Lang, 8-6

125: Jake Montana (N) pin Nate Boggs, 1:07

130: Tyler Sparks (N) pin Vinny Scavio, 3:29

135: Tyler Mees (P) pin Derek Robinson, 1:46

140: Cameron Campbell (P) tech. fall Byron Charles, 16-0

145: Nick Davis (N) pin Tony Didion, 3:35

152: Alex Doughty (N) pin Michael Snyderm 3:51

160: Braden Hoover (N) maj. dec. Alex Tetzloff, 15-7

171: Ahmad Silmi (N) pin Ozzie Hermes, 5:12

189: Jake Alexander (N) maj. dec. Dylan Hermes, 13-0

215: Lance Leto (N) dec. Brock Naufel, 9-5

HVT: Ian Ramos (N) maj. dec. Jervaughn Eppse, 10-0

Perkins 34, Tiffin Columbian 25

103: Derik Kopp (T) dec. Nick Waldron, 8-5

112: Nathan Salmon (P) pin Clay Houdshell, 1:59

119: Justin Kopp (T) maj. dec. Bryon Logan 11-1

125: Nate Boggs (P) dec. Mason Carrell, 9-8

130: Andy Schwartz (T) dec. Vinny Scavio, 6-1

135: Tyler Mees (P) pin Kyle Baker, 2:39

140: Cameron Campbell (P) dec. Jace Hurt, 6-0

145: Seth Williams (T) dec. Tony Didion, 8-5

152: Isaac Williams (T) win by forfeit

160: Michael Snyder (P) dec. Caleb Vrancken, 10-3

171: Ryan Tittle (T) pin Ozzie Hermes, 2:35

189: Dylan Hermes (P) maj. dec. Jake Smith, 13-4

215: Brock Naufel (P) pin Kyle Marquis, 1:59

HVT: Jervaughn Eppse (P) maj. dec. Cody Chance 13-3

Norwalk 51, Fremont Ross 15

(No individual bouts available)

St. Mary takes two at Fremont St. Joe

In Fremont, the Panthers won duals against Arcadia and their host, and rival, St. Joseph.

The Panthers defeated Arcadia, 45-23 and St. Joseph, 55-3.

Adam Guerra recorded two pins for St. Mary in the 125-pound weight class, while Logan Reichert wrestled at 130 and 135, winning both. Angelo Calderon was on the mat for less than four minutes with pins of Arcadia's Cody Hill (1:16) and St. Joe's Daniel Boyer (2:40).

Brandon Fox and Kody Bellamy each recorded a pair of wins against in the tri-match. Fox wrestled, and won, at 171 and 189 for the Panthers. Bellamy won a major decision, 10-0 over Corey Durbin of St. Joe, and a pin of Arcadia's Chris Moses, 1:30.

St. Mary CC 45, Arcadia 23

103: Tyler Bowman (A) win by forfeit

112: Sawyer Kieffer (A) dec. Aaron Colavincenzo

119: Alex Guerra (SM) win by forfeit

125: Adam Guerra (SM) pin Logan Bennett, 2:14

130: double forfeit

135: Logan Reichert (SM) pin Tyler Bame, 2:21

140: Connor Smith (A) tech. fall Mike Dorski (SM), 15-0

145: Angelo Calderon (SM) pin Cody Hill, 1:16

152: Jon Sciarappa (SM) win by forfeit

160: Ayden Opfer (SM) win by forfeit

171: Brandon Fox (SM) dec. Trevor Colman, 5-2

189: R.J. Sanchez (A) dec. Tyler Humphrey, 11-5

215: Kody Bellamy (SM) pin Chris Moses, 1:30

HVT: Dominic Diller (A) pin Harold Rohrbacher, :41

St. Mary 55, St. Joe 3

103: double forfeit

112: Aaron Colavincenzo (SM) win by forfeit

119: Alex Guerra (SM) pin Tivo Tsasi, 3:50

125: Adam Guerra (SM) pin Sean Vasquez, 3:53

130: Logan Reichert (SM) dec. Joe Braun, 4-3

135: double forfeit

140: Tyler Langendorfer (SJ) Mike Dorski, 3-2

145: Angelo Calderon (SM) pin Daniel Boyer, 2:40

152: Jon Sciarappa (SM) win by forfeit

160: Ayden Opfer (SM) win by forfeit

171: double forfeit

189: Brandon Fox (SM) pin Jake Widman, 1:12

215: Kody Bellamy (SM) maj. dec. Corey Durbin, 10-0

HVT: Harold Rohrbacher (SM) win by forfeit

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