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Corner kicks: More votes for P.C., Norwalk

AnthonyMoujaes • May 12, 2015 at 5:39 PM

The Port Clinton boys team and Norwalk girls team continue to roll through the season, and continue to pick up votes in the Ohio Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association poll.

On to the stats. Listed are leaders in goals, assists, shutout and goals allowed average for area soccer teams.



Brittany Yost, Margaretta, 11

Shelby Gerwin, Port Clinton, 7

Raegen Frye, Port Clinton, 7

Elizabeth Kidd, Margaretta, 6

Caroline Blackwood, Norwalk, 6

Marissa Lindsley, Port Clinton, 3

Amanda Vacca, Huron, 3

Four tied with 2


Elizabeth Kidd, Margaretta, 6

Kayla Armendariz, Port Clinton, 3

Monika Giardina, Huron, 3

Abbi Pitts, Port Clinton, 3

Amanda Vacca, Huron, 3

Four tied with 2


Amy Beier, Norwalk, 5

Alayne Herevia, Port Clinton, 4

Sierra Protzman, Margaretta 3

Rachael Fowler, Perkins, 2

Audra Wisehart, Huron, 1

Goals allowed avg.

Port Clinton, 2.0

Huron, 2.75



Jacob Hetrick, Oak Harbor, 8

Jon Brown, Port Clinton, 6

David Brown, Port Clinton, 5

Tate Haar, Oak Harbor, 5

Nick Heminger, Port Clinton, 5

Ansgar Breyhan, Port Clinton, 3

Jose Figueroa, Port Clinton, 3

Tate Haar, Oak Harbor, 3

Tim Poiry, Oak Harbor, 3

Cadan Goldstein, Oak Harbor, 2


Jacob Hetrick, Oak Harbor, 6

Jon Brown, Port Clinton, 4

David Brown, Port Clinton, 4

Nick Heminger, Port Clinton, 3

Cadan Goldstein, Oak Harbor, 3

Tate Haar, Oak Harbor, 2

Tim Poiry, Oak Harbor, 2


Garret Zunk, Port Clinton, 4

Trent Lacer, Oak Harbor, 1

Matt Hamilton, Oak Harbor, 1

Goals allowed avg.

Oak Harbor, 1.0

Port Clinton, 1.0

CornerKicks is a weekly soccer blog by Anthony Moujaes. If you're an area soccer coach and would like to submit your stats, e-mail them by Saturday or Sunday to moujaes@sanduskyregister.com

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