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Oak Harbor's Weirich lands top district award

Fandy.com Staff • May 12, 2015 at 5:39 PM

Oak Harbor's Phil Weirich has added another award to his list of accomplishments.

The latest was the Division II District Player of the Year from the North Central Ohio Scholastic Soccer Coaches Association.

Wierich, a two-time Sandusky Bay Conference player of the year, was a first-team pick after leading the Rockets in scoring.

The Sandusky Bay Conference's girls most outstanding performer, Gina Munafo of Huron, was also a first-team selection in the Division II list.

Just like last year, there were 17 area players among the first-team selections. Fifteen more players earned second-team recognition.

Besides Weirich, who tallied his 100th career goal for the Rockets this year, the other first-team picks in Division II were Tyler Eoff (Oak Harbor), Sam Bores (Edison), Garret Zunk (Port Clinton), Joey Price (Perkins), Scott Innes (Vermilion) and Evan Bader (Norwalk).

In the girls Division I list, Norwalk and Sandusky each had one player -- Caroline Blackwood for the Truckers and Brandi Strachan for the Blue Streaks -- make the first team.

In Division II, Oak Harbor's Dayna Setzler was first-team district with Munafo.

Sandusky put three players -- Tyler Stewart, Luke Widman and Cooper Wallrabenstein -- on the Division I boys first-team list.

Huron's Nico Samaniego, John Dusza and Michael Zeck were Division II first-team picks.

Oak Harbor's Rob Schimmoeller and Huron's Matt Asher were named coaches of the year in Div. II and III. Port Clinton assistant coach Dan Kurtz was the Div. II assistant coach of the year.

Both Sandusky's boys and girls team won the Team Sportsmanship awards in Division I.


Division I

First team: Nickole Kaple, Lexington; Jenn Phillipon; Brittany Orewiler, Madison; Olivia Augustine, Mansfield Senior; Caroline Blackwood, Norwalk; Denise Bowes, Ashland; Breanna Lanzer, Ashland; Alex Walker, Lexington; Brandi Strachan, Sandusky; Annalise Battig, Wooster; Emily Oswalt, Madison

Second team: Nina Garcia-Wasnich, Ashland; Laura Penza, Norwalk; Jen Fox, Wooster; Ashley Goetz, Mansfield Senior; Brynne Sample, Sandusky; Jaclyn Rourke, Lexington; Ally Taylor, Madison; Gabby Hitchcock, Ashland; Brittany Glaser, Lexington; Naomi Gangi, Ashland; Kelsie Browning, Lexington

Honorable mention (Area players only): Rachel Luttman, Sandusky; Ali Carter, Sandusky; Amy Beier, Norwalk; Sephora Norman, Norwalk

Player of the year: Nickole Kaple, Lexington

Coaches of the year: Dustin Hosler, Mansfield Senior; Roxanne Drueschler, Lexington

Team Sportsmanship: Sandusky

Division II

First team: Amanda Fowler, Ontario; Broegan Sautter, Clear Fork; Mackenzie O'Brien, Mansfield St. Peter; Eryn Weber, Crestview; Gina Munafo, Huron; Summer Bourcier, Mansfield Christian; Dayna Setzler, Oak Harbor; Morgan Bennett, Clear Fork; Samantha Esterline, Mapleton; Sierra Wright, Loudonville; Sarah Storkel, Mansfield Christian

Second team: Erica Uselton, Ontario; Allie Bise, Crestview; Martha Staab, Clear Fork; Gabrielle Adams, Mansfield St. Peter; Kelly Bryant, Oak Harbor; Shelby Kaser, Perkins; Courtney Kozak, West Holmes; Alexis Lemar, Huron; Joy Akuchie, Mansfield Christian; Ashley Wiedenheft, Margaretta; Emily Fry, Clear Fork

Honorable mention (Area players only): Liz Hill, Edison; Olivia Schmitke, Edison; Andrea Gilespie, Huron; Amanda Vacca, Huron; Rachael Fowler, Perkins; Chelsea Franklin, Perkins; Sierra Protzman, Margaretta; Elizabeth Kidd, Margaretta; Morgan Turnow, Oak Harbor; Chelsie Kamann, Oak Harbor

Player of the year: Amanda Fowler, Ontario

Coaches of the year: Larry Atkinson, Ontario; Kenn Spencer, Mansfield St. Peter

Assistant coach of the year: Chris Laux

Team sportsmanship: Loudonville


Division I

First team: Westin Walker, Wooster; Justin Blair, Ashland; Brett Breneman, Wooster; Dan Amstutz, Ashland; Todd Shere, Wooster; Lance Rice, Marion Harding; Dennis Butler, Marion Harding; Tyler Stewart, Sandusky; Luke Widman, Sandusky; Dan Cannon, Ashland; Cooper Wallrabenstein, Sandusky

Second team: Davis O'Donnell, Wooster; Kosta Nicolazakes, Wooster; Marcus Cremer, Wooster; Justin Hart, Ashland; Tyson Dishman, Ashland; Bryce Wood, Ashland; Colston Rumple, Marion Harding; Marcin Kapustecki, Marion Harding; Ian Soule, Marion Harding; Brock Cremean, Sandusky; Jake Riedy, Sandusky

Honorable mention (Area players only): Doc Will, Sandusky; Jack Stauffer, Sandusky

Player of the year: Westin Walker, Wooster

Coach of the year: Brian Hansen, Wooster

Team sportsmanship: Sandusky

Division II

First team: Phil Weirich, Oak Harbor; Mike Siwek, Madison; Jordan Roberts, Lexington; Trey Boyd, Tyler Eoff, Oak Harbor; Sam Bores, Edison; Garret Zunk, Port Clinton; Joey Price, Perkins; Scott Innes, Vermilion; Mitchell Pabst, Ontario; Evan Bader, Norwalk

Second team: Vince Hardesty, Lexington; Andrew Vaccariello, West Holmes; Ryan Zartman, Madison; Alex George, Clear Fork; Bobby Mitman, Ontario; DJ Reau, Oak Harbor; Stephen Behrens, Port Clinton; Michael Lococo, Perkins; Jon Brown, Port Clinton; Nick Heminger, Port Clinton; Sean Leeder, Orrville

Honorable mention (Area players only): Myles Backus, Oak Harbor; Jake Hetrick, Oak Harbor; Isaiah Cremean, Perkins; Brian Kurtz, Perkins; Jordan Duncan, Norwalk; Trevor Bowers, Norwalk; Brandon Stubblefield, Port Clinton; David Brown, Port Clinton; LeLand Delaney, Vermilion; Kody Herchler Vermilion

Player of the year: Phil Weirich, Oak Harbor

Coach of the year: Rob Schimmoeller, Oak Harbor

Assistant coach of the year: Dan Kurtz, Port Clinton

Team sportsmanship: Orrville

Division III

First team: Tyler Lilly, Mansfield Christian; Nico Samaniego, Huron; Matt Mauric, Mansfield St. Peter; John Dusza, Huron; Will Cochran, Mansfield Christian; Cameron Adams, Mansfield Christian; Kirklin Ring, Loudonville; Ben Rienthal, Loudonville; Michael Ralph, Mansfield Christian; Michael Zeck, Huron; Nic Richilaro, Mansfield St. Peter

Second team: Ben Earhart, Mansfield Christian; Michael Gong, Mansfield St. Peter; Curtis Boger, Huron; Mitch Hilenski, Loudonville; Rene Betance, Mansfield St. Peter; Tremayne Lemar, Huron; Josh Cochran, Mansfield Christian; Jacob Brown, Mansfield Christian; Taylor Shoemaker, Mansfield Christian; Taylor Prosser, Huron; Nick Claes, Loudonville

Honorable mention (Area players only): Anthony Lane, Huron; Kevin Bechtel, Huron

Coaches of the year: Matt Asher, Huron; Artie Varga, Mansfield St. Peter

Assistant coach of the year: Grant Hayden, Mansfield Christian

Team sportsmanship: Mansfield Christian

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