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Negligent property owners cost city $86,000

Andy Ouriel • Aug 26, 2014 at 12:09 AM


Sandusky officials pushed forward to try and recover taxpayer dollars spent on cleaning up two private properties doubling as public nuisances.

On Monday, city commissioners voted 7-0 to place liens on both the Hoppers mobile home park and Wisteria Farms properties.

The liens in total cost $86,000.

There's no guarantee, however, city officials can even recoup these funds.

These negligent property owners — who either abandoned, neglected or personally compromised their land by effectively stealing money from residents — either:

• Must pay the lien in full, an unlikely scenario.

• Sell their land to someone willing to purchase the property plus all outstanding debts, including a lien, on these properties.

"It's unfortunate that the only way that our city has to recoup the thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours on these situations is by doing this," commissioner Dick Brady said. "We have to sit back and hope a person comes along or an interested party pays enough money for this land so we can be made whole again."

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