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Stay away from Redfern

Alex Green • Aug 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM


Stay 500 feet away from State Rep. Chris Redfern.

This was a modified term of Alexander Reitzel's diversion after he accidentally bumped into Redfern twice in July, according to his attorney Tom DeBacco.

DeBacco met with Ottawa County assistant Prosecutor Joe Gerber and visiting judge Dale Crawford on Tuesday when Gerber withdrew a motion to have Reitzel's diversion revoked.

"It went fairly well," DeBacco said.

It was a glowing remark from DeBacco compared to his many criticisms of the prosecution of this case over the past several months.

Reitzel was indicted last December on two counts of attempted burglary when he was found on Redfern's property, which at the time was for sale. Reitzel ultimately signed an Alford plea, which means he did not admit guilt.

Throughout the proceedings, DeBacco has said he had never seen a case like this, and called it "politically motivated" due to Redfern's political stature.

Redfern has also been highly critical of DeBacco saying he should be "ashamed of himself."

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