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Police to increase patrols at Shoreline Park

Andy Ouriel • Aug 18, 2014 at 4:27 PM


Sandusky police commanders vowed to step up patrols in a popular park after a vacationing family saw two drug deals occurring from there in broad daylight.

“I have lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., my entire life and have never witnessed such brazen criminal activity,” Mike Valeriano told the Register as his family tried enjoying a picnic lunch at Shoreline Park on a recent day. “It was so uncomfortable for my family that we decided to leave Sandusky early. The drug dealer looked at my family like we were interrupting at his office.”

The Register relayed these concerns to Sandusky police Chief John Orzech, who took them to heart.

Orzech said neither he nor detectives knew about drug deals emanating from Shoreline Park in downtown Sandusky by Battery Park Marina.

“Mr. Valeriano brought forth information that we are unaware of, as we’ve had no prior drug intelligence information at the Shoreline Park area,” Orzech said. “Shoreline Park is an area of our community that we regularly patrol. We will continue to strive to address complaints of criminal activity. This will only increase our patrol efforts in this area so that our visitors can enjoy their visit to our parks and recreation areas.”

Since June, police officers have responded to dozens of calls — mostly for trespassing and open container complaints — for suspicious activity in Shoreline Park.

Valeriano hopes Orzech follows through on his promise for extra patrols around this park.

The police department “needs to crack down on such public illegal activity if Sandusky wants to attract tourists,” Valeriano said. “I cannot recommend downtown Sandusky to my friends and family after such an uncomfortable visit."

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