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Man goes to jail on wedding night

Courtney Astolfi • Aug 11, 2014 at 12:10 PM


A groom allegedly fired off multiple shots outside Milan Road Bar & Grill early Sunday morning after leaving his post-wedding celebration.

Alton Wraggs, 29, who has a Columbus address but is from Sandusky and regularly frequents the area, was charged with improper discharge of a firearm, possessing a weapon under disability, inducing panic, carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession, disorderly conduct intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Wraggs was outfitted in a tuxedo when police arrested him, and had gone at the U.S. 250 bar after getting married on Saturday, Sandusky police Lt. Danny Lewis said.

Lt. Rich Braun was parked outside the bar just prior to 3 a.m., and was keeping an eye on the crowd pouring out of the establishment. Braun wasn't quite sure how large the crowd was, but said there were easily hundreds of people in the area.

The lieutenant soon summoned more officers to help him disperse the crowd when a bystander got his attention.

“Hey officer, you need to get up there, they're starting to pull things out,” the man allegedly said.

Realizing the man was referring to guns, Braun and his fellow officers began to head around the building.

They heard two or three shots, followed by four to six more, Lewis said.

Around back, they found three people standing in a group and ordered all to the ground at gunpoint. Two of the people complied, but Wraggs reached into his right pocket.

An officer tackled Wraggs to the ground, sending a 9 mm handgun flying to the ground.

As other officers bolted for the weapon, a crowd began to close around them, Braun said.

Luckily all escaped injury, and the officers were able to secure the weapon and Wraggs, then call for back-up.

All told, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers, Erie County deputies and Cedar Point police rushed to assist, Braun said.

It took quite awhile to finish clearing out the crowd — Braun said several people didn't even react or run when the shots were fired.

Investigators found just four shell casings on the ground, leading them to believe a second weapon, possibly a revolver, was involved.

Wraggs was found to be a convicted felon, and was not allowed to have a weapon on him at all, let alone while he'd been drinking.

According to Braun, Wraggs was angry because he was scheduled to leave for a honeymoon in Las Vegas the following day.

Police plan to review surveillance footage to determine how many shots were fired, and see if they can uncover any clues as to who was firing the other shots.

Wraggs did not say what sparked the dispute, police said.

He was arrested, taken to the Erie County jail and held without bond.

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