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Lakeside Mystified

Mark Chandler • Aug 8, 2014 at 8:24 PM

Award winning Craig Karges, mentalist and illusionist, mystified a packed Hoover Auditorium on Thursday night.  Karges had volunteers of all ages from the audience help in his performances. One of his “illusions” included being not only blindfolded, but having half dollars, tape, and then a black blindfold put over his eyes, as he read serial numbers off a foreign paper money, describing the type of card that was put in his hand and smashing paper cups making sure not to smash onto a spike.   

An audience member was also asked on stage to help Karges with the mystical raising of a table then “floating” it across the stage. Karges also read minds of several audience members.  Karges had also added humor to his performance.

Karges is a native of Wheeling, West Virginia.  He was named Entertainer of the Year six times by the National Association for Campus Activities while he was touring college campuses.  Karges has amazed audiences in more than 5,000 shows in 22 countries on four continents.  Karges has also traveled more than five million miles in his career.  He has appeared on “The Tonight Show”, “Larry King Live”, “E! Entertainment” and more.  Not only is Karges an illusionist, he is also an author to several books.

At the closing of the show, Karges left the audience shaking their heads with amazement. 

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