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Beware of scammers calling themselves surveyors

Register • Aug 7, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Erie County auditor Rick Jeffrey issued a warning to the entire community about staying alert for scammers coming to peoples' homes and acting as surveyors.

The warning comes just days after burglars misrepresented themselves and stole from a Perkins Township man.

"Employees of the Erie County auditor's office are currently not auditing properties countywide," according to a release from Jeffrey. "We have three employees or representatives of the county auditor's office inspecting new construction and random farms in the county. Those employees will identify themselves with a picture ID and will be wearing distinctive shirts that identify them as employees of the Erie County auditor's office.

He continued: "In addition, the vehicle will be clearly marked 'ERIE COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE' with the county seal. If someone appears at your door and does not have a county ID or is not wearing apparel that clearly identifies them as employees of the auditor's office, do not allow them access to your property. Call my office at 419-627-7746 or your local law enforcement agency."

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