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Structure fire on Lin Circle

Andy Ouriel • Aug 1, 2014 at 12:14 AM

About 20 area firefighters acted quickly to successfully defeat a dangerous fire, fully engulfing a garage and almost threatening to destroy the attached home — in which four people reside — on Birchwood Drive and Lin Circle. 

Perkins fire received a call around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday regarding a working structure fire at this location.

"I was in the living room and smelled smoke," said Krista Neely, who lives in the now-burnt home, along with her daughters, Jasmine Flores and Alexis Amann, and her fiance, Jason Flores. "I thought it might have been a bonfire."

Upon arriving on scene, firefighters noticed an inferno raging inside the garage.

First responders, however, rapidly controlled and tamed the flames before they spread into the home and neighboring properties.

"We could have lost a whole house from a fire like this," Perkins fire Capt. Eric Pearson said. "But it was an excellent job all around."

Nobody sustained any injuries resulting from the fire.

"It's devastating, but I'm very grateful my family made it out OK," said Neely, who's entire family — including both dogs and both guinea pigs — escaped well before the fire escalated.

The fire did char the garage's entire interior and almost all of its contents.

On Thursday, Perkins fire Chief Keith Wohlever indicated the fire didn't appear suspicious.

"Anytime you have a fire, especially when no one was in the room when it started, you have to try and figure out what happened," Wohlever said. "But we didn't feel anything was suspicious. The house is not livable at this point until they get some type of renovation done to secure the living quarters."

Firefighters from Sandusky and Margaretta Township aided Perkins fire.

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