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Remember the Huron Water Festival?

Register • Jul 29, 2014 at 8:13 PM

Renew old memories, share stories, and party at an Alumni Celebration for the Huron Water Festival, 6 p.m. Aug 24 at Brass Pelican on the River.

If you were a vendor, committee member, queen contestant, member of a participating local organization, parade participant, Huron Lions member, Jaycee, city worker, policeman, politician, fireman, fireworks fan or boater between 1964 and 1993, you are invited.

Fifty years ago four Jaycees introduced an annual celebration. The Huron Lions and several other active citizens joined and promoted the yearly event known as The Huron Water Festival. Although it has morphed into the Riverfest with a different name and history, great memories of the Huron Water Festival remain.

According to the late  Audrey Mackiewicz, the festival had its origins in something called “Homecoming,” which started in 1950.

The Water Festival history lists Jaycees Jake Claus, Tom Solberg, Stewart Ward and John McGraw as the initiators of the first celebration in 1964.

Those who had the privilege and all the fun of being a part of the festival can join in to share the memories of those who are no longer with us, including Jerry Franklin, MikeTann, Les Brownell, Nancy Takala, Dotte Denne and many others.

Bring memorabilia, pictures, and stories to tell. Some of the memorabilia from the Huron Historical Society will be available to share before returned to the Huron Library.

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For more information contact Karen Walderzak walderzak@yahoo.com

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