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UPDATED: Cedar Point ride cable snaps

Courtney Astolfi • Jul 28, 2014 at 8:55 AM

UPDATE 8 a.m. Monday


A cable snapped on Cedar Point's Skyhawk late Saturday night, injuring at least two park guests.

It was about 10 p.m. when the malfunction occurred, according to a statement released by Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards.

A cable on one of the ride's two carriages disconnected and swung loose, injuring one guest severely enough to send him to Firelands Regional Medical Center, Edwards said.

The second guest meanwhile, was treated and released inside the park.

Edwards said the ride was shut down immediately after the accident.

By about 11 p.m., Cedar Point workers had completely cleared the area around Skyhawk—multiple Cedar Point police officers stood in front of barricades, and one told guests the area was closed for cleaning purposes.

A nearby gift shop employee told a Register reporter he heard series of loud noises—he described them as bangs—  then watched as the ride jolted to a stop.

One of the arms, the employee said, swung until gravity stopped it—normally, the ride is slowed down mechanically.

According to Edwards, the ride will remain closed until park officials complete an investigation into the malfunction.

“Safety is our top priority at Cedar Point,” Edwards said.

Edwards did not return multiple calls Sunday seeking further details. 

UPDATE 11:30 a.m. Sunday

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards released the following statement:

"At approximately 10 p.m., a cable on one of the Skyhawk swing ride's carriages disconnected. The ride's crew immediately shut down the ride and notified the park's emergency personnel.  

The cable came in contact with two guests. One was treated and released at the scene. As a precaution, the other was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. 


Safety is our top priority at Cedar Point. Skyhawk will remain closed until our investigation is complete and the ride can safely reopen."

UPDATE 12:20 a.m. Sunday

A Register reporter entered the park at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Here's what was observed:

•All pathways that led directly to Skyhawk were barricaded. At least three Cedar Point police officers stood guard. When asked, one officer said the area was blockaded for cleaning purposes.

•All other rides surrounding Skyhawk — even the ones that were not operating any longer for the night — were illuminated by at least some lights. Skyhawk and the surrounding area was completely darkened. 

•A Cedar Point employee who works near Skyhawk said he heard a series of loud bangs. He said he watched as Skyhawk jerked abnormally. When the ride did come to a stop, it was not stopped mechanically. Rather, it swung until gravity stopped it, the employee said.

•No ambulances or emergency personnel were in the area. 

No injuries have been confirmed, though multiple sites and social media accounts are reporting that a man's leg was broken, and a cable snapped.

Theme Park Maniacs have been posting rolling updates. 


Cedar Point officials have yet to confirm, however various online reports stated a cable snapped on Skyhawk late Saturday. It is not known if any injuries occurred. Check sanduskyregister.com and Monday’s Register for more details. 

Calls to Cedar Point officials went unanswered Saturday.


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