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Combative unconsciousness

Register • Jul 24, 2014 at 10:07 PM

Headline: Video: Burdine jail surveillance

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 2:33 p.m. Sal Dali says "There were sure enough LE spectators who could have prevented this tragedy.

Burdine didn't fight when they carried him in, he appears to be non-resistant, calm or darn near passed out. There is no evidence that he did resist, why the chokehold? In editing the audio and video, they forgot to leave evidence to back up the story about him being combative.

Spitting is not going to injure anyone, although it is disgusting; unless he had a contagious disease, spitting did not pose a danger. However, getting spit on would have po'd a cop and probably anyone else but it is not an excuse to kill. Another thought is he could have been being choked and spitting or having a gag reflex as a result of not being able to breathe or swallow. How any jury could view this and not question the lapses in audio and video seems inconceivable.

One would think that repeated accusations of excessive force and constant failures to hold LE accountable for wrongdoing in a county where public officials appear to be so closely intertwined/related would be a good reason to have venues moved to another county to get an impartial jury. It's like letting Billy-bob's dad handpick Billy-bob's jury. Offenders often blame their victims, without video and/or audio evidence to back up their statements, the deputies saying calm down and that he was allegedly combative, is in essence, meaningless.

If there are any honest and decent officers left in that county, they aught to seek employment elsewhere before their records are forever tarnished. Bad cops don't care; honest cops have a conscience and live with knowing what happened. How many deaths will it take before someone is compelled to rip down that blue curtain? It is as if they choose who is expendable and who is not. Members of LE are the peacekeepers and enforcers of the law; their job description does not include judge, jury and executioner."


3:26 p.m. Babo says "He wasn't combative in the police car, so there was no reason not to take him to the ER prior to the jail to be evaluated for his injuries as EMS had already been contacted and was available. Medical personnel are far more qualified to deal with persons suffering from "delirium" whether injury induced or drug induced than are the police.

Also, because there wasn't a camera in the room; it was all the more important for those eyewitnesses to be questioned by the Grand Jury about what transpired in that room."


Watch the surveillance video

Watch Between the Lines Live at noon Thursday with guests Dr. Michael Baden and Jess Burdine, Craig Burdine's father.

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