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Calling out the feds

Register • Jul 24, 2014 at 10:13 AM

A group supporting families with complaints against Sandusky County law enforcement wants the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. 

The Justice for Jake and Ella group, which has a Facebook page with more than 20,000 followers, plans to ask the agency's Washington, D.C.-based civil rights division to review the criminal investigations that occurred involving the families that  filed lawsuits or lodged complaints against the sheriff, Fremont Police and Sandusky County. 

The families supporting the move include Shannon and Mike Limberios, Jess Burdine, Eric Burdine and Laurie Burdine, Christina Fegley, and Richard Cordle, each with Individual events that led to their family's involvement with sheriff's deputies, police and the county, interaction they all say was degrading and demeaning to them or their loved-ones.   

"It is my last grasp at justice," Jess Burdine said.

A Sandusky County grand jury, which reviewed Ohio Attorney General's criminal investigation into the 2007 death of Craig Burdine, found no criminal wrongdoing in Craig Burdine's death when it finished its work July 15.

"This complaint asks for no money, it asks for justice. Maybe we will have a chance to present our facts," Burdine said.

The Justice for Jake and Ella Facebook Page was started more than two years ago to support for Mike and Shannon Limberios and their family following the loss of their son, Jacob, from a gunshot to the head in Sandusky County on March 2, 2012.

The group is "supporting a complaint to be filed in the near future with the U.S. Justice Department in Washington, D.C. by the families of Jake Limberios, Craig Burdine and Isabel Cordle, all of whom died in Sandusky County under extremely suspicious circumstances, but none of whom have received substantial justice by the investigatory authorities. The complaint will seek a review of the evidence of those cases, the investigations performed by officials involved, and the manner in which court system was employed."

Justice for Jake is inviting "the people of Sandusky County and across our great nation who believe that we have the right to hold our public officials accountable to competently and even-handedly discharge their duties to join this cause by liking and regularly following the Facebook page."  

The group wants "other victims of occurrences in Sandusky County and their families to contact the Page and relay their stories."

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