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No EMS call after crash

Alex Green • Jul 22, 2014 at 8:18 PM


A woman says she was knocked to the ground by a car and Put-in-Bay police failed to call emergency medical assistance to help her.

Another oversight from the June incident, the woman said, was that the elderly driver was not cited for the accident because he is friends with Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampela.

The woman was pinned between her vehicle and the man's station wagon before she fell to the ground, according to both her and the Put-in-Bay police report.

She described her injuries in a witness statement.

"I was knocked to the ground…. injuring my left knee, right arm, right cheek and side of my face."

She went to the hospital the next day after police did not call EMS that night.

"Officers cleared the scene," the report concludes, after describing the woman's injuries as "minor."

She asked to remain anonymous, in part because Lampela has been accused of holding grudges and using his position and police force to retaliate against certain individuals and businesses.

Lampela has dodged numerous questions, phone calls and public records requests regarding multiple allegations of police misconduct.

Dennis Rectenwald, retired educator and superintendent, said he spoke out against Lampela's department at council meetings in years past, earning himself a spot on chief's alleged list.

Rectenwald was recently handcuffed following a traffic citation after he exited his vehicle on his property.

Multiple witnesses told the Register Rectenwald had his hands raised and police never told him to get back in his car. Still, police handcuffed the 68-year-old because they thought he might be armed, according to the report.

When Rectenwald asked why he was being handcuffed, police said he charged at them.

"There is a lack of consistency, a lack of fairness," Rectenwald recently said of the department and its enforcement of the law. "People are starting to say 'enough is enough."

Put-in-Bay Resort employees are fighting charges they say are personal and unrelated to any illegal act.

Two employees were arrested for obstruction of justice last September when they could not immediately print paychecks for a recently terminated employee, and because they would not share information about the terminated employees with officers.

"I had nothing to do with them," one of the employees recently told the Register.

The general manager was arrested the day before for not immediately supplying police with paperwork from the resort's golf cart vendor.

Her case was continued for a third time last week by Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan.

Lampela and Put-in-Bay Mayor Margaret Scarpelli failed to attend a scheduled mediation hearing July 1 regarding the arrest. Scarpelli says she is conducting an investigation, though resort personnel contend she has never viewed video surveillance from the arrests.

The owner of the resort said he became an enemy of Lampela when he had a disagreement with the chief over a noise ordinance about five years ago.

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