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New gym class policy adopted

Alissa Widman Neese • Jul 15, 2014 at 1:00 PM


Margaretta High School students, say goodbye to sweaty gym clothes and ducking from dodgeballs. 

Starting this school year, anyone participating in sports, cheerleading or marching band can opt out of physical education class.

At a brief meeting Monday, all five Margaretta school board members agreed to implement the state-approved policy as a one-year pilot program.

Students must complete two full seasons of an extracurricular activity during the four years of high school to be exempt from their two physical education classes, according to standards from the Ohio Department of Education.

Additionally, the policy cannot be retroactive.

Margaretta High School principal Troy Roth cited overcrowded physical education classes, as well as scheduling troubles, as reasons for implementing the fairly new policy.

Students must take an additional class to fill their freed time.

"These kids are already active, and we can get them into other electives that they're having trouble fitting in," Roth said.

If enough students participate in the pilot program, the school could eliminate a basic physical education class section someday and offer advanced physical education or weight training as a substitute, he said.

Many districts across the state, including some locally, implement similar exemption policies, Roth said.

Specifically, Margaretta Schools officials talked with Perkins Schools officials about the successes of their program.

November levy OK'd

Also at Monday's meeting, all five board members agreed to officially place the district's renewal tax levy on the November ballot.

Voters first approved the measure in 2010.

If approved again, the 7-mill, five-year emergency operating levy would not increases taxes from current rates.

The measure currently costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $214 a year in taxes, district treasurer Jude Hammond said.

In turn, it generates $1.2 million annually for Margaretta Schools. The district's total operating budget is about $14 million a year.

Farewell to Ed Kurt

Monday's meeting was outgoing superintendent Ed Kurt's last regularly scheduled gathering with the district's school board members. He begins his post as Findlay Schools superintendent Aug. 1.

On that date, new hire Dan Schroer will officially become Margaretta Schools superintendent.

Margaretta Schools renewal levy

•7-mill, 5-year tax levy.

•Will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $214 in taxes a year, the same rate homeowners currently pay.

•Will generate $1.2 million a year for day-to-day district operations, including employee salaries and benefits.

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