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Cost to upgrade all Perkins roads: $19 million

Andy Ouriel • Jul 14, 2014 at 10:10 AM


Perkins Township officials finally developed a road map to guide them in deciding which streets — many riddled with potholes, cracks and other deficiencies — to fix.

Problem is, their budget is pretty much running on E with no extra cash to spend on vital repairs.

For the first time in years, trustees and township officials developed a comprehensive list of all 47 street miles under Perkins’ jurisdiction. This would not include, for instance, Milan Road (U.S. 250).

The list, for each particular road, indicates length, surface and current condition based on expert analysis.

About 30 corridors received a “2” ranking, translating into a terrible road condition.

Fixing these rough roads alone would cost about $11 million. Patching up all roads in the township — be it by widening, resurfacing or reconstruction — would total about $19 million.

But it’s no guarantee any of these roads undergo a transformation.

Budget problems underscore recent paving problems in Perkins. A lack of funds forced trustees to forgo paving or reconstructing any roads in 2012 and 2013.

Trustees, however, budgeted to pave Strub Road between Campbell Street to Old Railroad Road, scheduled for completion later this year. It’s unlikely any other roads will receive improvements in 2014.

To pay for all the other road repairs, trustees could consider placing a ballot on the November ballot. To do so, however, the three trustees must make a collective decision sometime by early August.

“We will have to figure out a way to pay for this,” trustee Jeff Ferrell said. "We are going to look at all possible options."

They plan on scheduling a public forum for next week, gauging community members about the list and possible funding avenues.

Want to go?

• WHAT: Public forum to discuss the state of Perkins Township's roads.

• WHERE: Township Hall, 2610 Columbus Ave.

• WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday

Among the worst roads in Perkins Township

• Atlantic Avenue from Boardwalk Boulevard to southern line lot.

• Beatty Lane from Milan Road to northern terminus.

• Birchwood Drive from Columbus Avenue to terminus.

• Boston Road from Columbus Avenue to dead end.

• Campbell Street from Bogart Road to NASA Plum Brook and from NASA Plum Brook to Oxford Township line.

• Deerpath Drive from Bear Creek Drive to eastern terminus.

• Didion Drive from Randall Drive to West Strub Road.

• Donair Drive from Birchwood to Gildona drives and from Gildona to Kevin drives.

• Eagles Nest Circle from Deerpath Drive to northern terminus.

• Eastwood Drive from Merriweather to Milan roads.

• Fox Road from Patten Tract Road to NASA Plum Brook.

• Hinde Avenue from East Bayview to Peterson lanes.

• Hoffman Drive from Kevin Drive to northern terminus.

• Indiana Avenue around Pennsylvania Avenue.

• Kay Circle from Donair Drive to dead end.

• Kevin Drive to Donair Drive to southern terminus.

• Lisbon Circle.

• Lousia Drive from East Strub Road to the mall property.

• Normandy Court from West Bogart Road to Walt Lake Trail.

• Ohio Terrace from Michigan Avenue to eastern terminus.

• Parkland Drive from Milan Road to western terminus.

• Pennsylvania Avenue by Michigan Avenue to western terminus.

• Plum Brook Circle from Galloway Road to Osborne Drive.

• Quail Hollow Circle/Lane from Deerpath Drive to southern terminus.

• Scheid Road from Ransom to Taylor roads.

• Scottley Drive.

• West Strub Road from Old Railroad Road to Hayes Avenue and from Hayes Avenue to Campbell Street.

• Sunset Lane from East Bayview to Peterson lanes.

• Taylor Road from NASA Plum Brook to the Oxford Township line.

• Woodlawn Avenue from Columbus Avenue to Milan Road.

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