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Castalia Trenching has new owners

Melissa Topey • Jul 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM


A long-standing area business has been sold but it is still a family owned business.

Ted and Francis Winkel started Castalia Trenching & Ready Mix, LLC in 1953. Their sons Jim and John later took over the business. The company remained in the family until Sept. 1, when Joe Verb brought the business with his uncle Scott Finken.

“The brothers who owned it got tired and decided to retire,” Verb said. “We were looking to expand our business but did not think this big. The opportunity came up and we took it.”

They already operate Adroit Construction in Oak Harbor.

Together, this duo has about 60 years' experience in excavating, drainage, sewer and water line instillation and repair. There is not much these two can not do, even giving advice to those working on do-it-yourself projects.

Do you want to take advice from an employee of a big box store who has had four hours of training, Verb asked.

“Or from us who will probably be wearing muddy boots because we were out doing the same work you need help with,” he suggested.

The men will excavate for water lines, sewer, electric, septic, new construction and drainage.

They also sell bulk mulch, decorative gravel, brick and cement blocks as well as other masonry supplies for pick up or delivery. Castalia Trenching also offers items such as pipe, pipe connectors, steps, risers and catch basins.

And then there is the ready mix concrete they sell.

Verb and Finken computerized the batch plant which controls the amount of sand, cement, stone and water needed for the perfect concrete mix recipe for a specific project and specific site.

That improvement, as well as equipment the two have brought in, has made the operations more efficient in the field and in the office.

Behind the counter customers may encounter Verb's wife, Denise.

When Verb and Finken took over Castalia Trenching it was Denise who quickly sent out letters to area contractors introducing themselves as the new owners.

The upgrades and the canvassing of contractors worked, and Castalia Trenching has added staff to accommodate the increased workload.

They have grown from five people when they took it over to 13.

Castalia Trenching & Ready Mix, LLC

4814 Ohio 269, Castalia

Phone: 419-684-5502 or 1-800-356-5125

Hours: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday; 7 a.m.- 12 p.m. Saturday. The owners are often in the shop before and after those hours. People can also call and employees can accommodate customers.

Website: www.ctrmohio.com

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