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Fireworks set off charges for slew of residents

Alex Green • Jul 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM


Sandusky police officers may very well enjoy the Fourth of July, but it's safe to say they're glad it's over.

Officers responded to numerous fireworks complaints during the past two days, and one incident prompted an angry mob to throw bottles at the officers.

Multiple residents in the area of Reese and Hancock streets made complaints about loud fireworks.

Police went to the area around 11 p.m. Friday, where a large crowd was still celebrating the holiday and setting off fireworks.

Glass bottles were then flung in the air toward police when they exited their cruisers, a police report said. One landed a foot away from the nearest officer and citizen.

"I tried driving towards the largest crowd," Sandusky police officer Dan Lewis said. "I turned on my sirens and they began (to disperse)."

The bulk of the crowd then began walking away, the report said.

Lamar Walker refused to, however, the report said. Walker, 41, of the 1100 block of Parish St., in Sandusky was told to leave several times, and was ultimately arrested when he didn't, the report said.

He was heavily intoxicated, the report said, and police found a small amount of marijuana on him. He was charged with failure to disperse, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

Other incidents

During another one of the several incidents, a small fire erupted inside a business on the 200 block of Reese St.

A business owner reported someone threw two fireworks or firecrackers into his drive-through, one of which caused a small fire on the inside of his door, a police report said.

The man put the fire out himself with an extinguisher, the report said.

As police spoke with the businessman, another burning object was sent soaring through the air toward the group of people. It exploded in the street, the report said.

Police said the man wreaking havoc was Kevin Herrin, a 26-year-old Sandusky resident. He was charged with discharging fireworks, a first-degree misdemeanor..

Fireworks were also observed by officers in the area of Lindsley and Tyler streets around 1 a.m. Saturday.

They saw Marshall Fiske, 44, of Sandusky, leaning on the ground prepared to light a fuse.

One of his friends yelled "cops", the report said, sending all but Fiske scurrying away from the scene with the bulk of the equipment. Fiske was charged with discharging fireworks.

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