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Not just for pizza anymore

Alex Green • Jul 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM


Papa Jimmie's has been a part of the "best pizza in Port Clinton" discussion for the last five years.

But the well-known pizza joint is making bigger claims that have nothing to do with its pizza.

Latoya Kleinhans and her husband Jamie Kleinhans recently opened PJ's Grille and Bar on Monroe Street inside Port Clinton in the old Traveler's Bar and Grill building.

And they'll put their new menu up against any BBQ food around.

The new location is right next to the Jet Express for those who'd like to try for themselves.

"We heard the building was for sale and I thought the location was golden," Jamie said.

They signed a lease and opened the pub-style restaurant in early May.

Since then they've been trying to perfect what Jamie called a small menu.

"We didn't want to have pages of a menu," he said. "We try to highlight the specials."

But the menu still offers variety in spite of its length.

Pulled pork and brisket are among the more popular choices. Diners can also feast on Lake Erie seafood if they'd prefer.

The Kleinhans and their restaurants are growing in popularity, but the two are already celebrities in Port Clinton schools.

"We get orders for basketball, baseball, track," Jamie said.

Order a slice at any Redskin home game and you'll know where it came from.

The famous pizza will still be available at the grille and bar.

"If anyone wants pizza we'll bring it right over (from Papa Jimmie's)," Jamie said.

Jamie's younger brother Donald Kleinhans will be the new restaurant's manager.

He has more than a decade of experience managing restaurants.

"Finally I was able to get (Donald) over here," Jamie said.

PJ'S is located at 17 Monroe St. and will be open year-round.

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