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Lights out

Sandusky Register Staff • Jun 18, 2014 at 1:00 PM


The mayflies are back.

And they're as bad as ever.

Swarms of the notorious lake insects have been seen buzzing around Ottawa County the past two weeks.

The infestation has prompted city employees to shutdown various street lights throughout Port Clinton.

On Tuesday, lights on the busy Perry Street and Lakeshore Drive were deactivated. 

More lights will be deactivated on Second Street and its adjacent side streets within the next week, police said.

It is unclear how long the lights will remain off.

The midnight shift officer will monitor the bugs' population and notify city hall when the populations decrease sometime later in the summer, police said.

According to Texas A&M University entomology research, mayflies live only one or two nights.

During that time the adults mate in swarms in the air. They are attracted to lights, which is why the city lights are being turned off.

Eggs are deposited while flying low over the water or by dipping the abdomen on the water surface. Some also submerge themselves and lay eggs underwater, research shows.

The insects develop over the course of about a year, even though they die shortly after their birth.

Mayflies are the only group of insects that molt after they have wings.

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