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Traveling back in time

Alex Green • Jun 15, 2014 at 6:52 PM


A Lakeside resident has a snippet of history.

Phil Dale recently provided the Register with a Nov. 25, 1947 issue of the Sandusky Register Star-News — one of the newspaper's former names — that provides insight into both journalism in the '40s and the time period alike.

For five cents, customers could learn about a variety worldly and local news.

Dale's oversized copy is a special edition that celebrated the newspaper's 125th anniversary.

It was such an achievement back then, the U.S. president reached out to the paper's publishers.

The front page includes a congratulatory letter from the United States' 33rd president, Harry Truman.

It reads:

"Please allow me to congratulate you and your staff. You can be justly proud of a distinction which is shared by only a few newspapers in our country."

The two-paragraph letter also said the newspaper was an indication of Sandusky being a thriving industrial center.

This anniversary edition was largely comprised of Associated Press stories.

A front page story detailed Germany's future two years after the end of World War II.

The U.S. and Great Britain had a contentious relationship with the Soviet Union at the time, but the nations sought council from Soviet Union regarding Germany's destiny.

The leaders of the three countries met with Foreign Minister Georges Bidault of France.

"Their first task, before they could even begin discussing Germany and Austria, was to try to agree on an agenda — what subjects will be taken up under the main headings and in what order," the paper read.

The meetings were mostly secret, the paper said, though brief press conferences were held afterward.

The paper also covered local daily news.

Another front page story details a county commissioners' meeting, and a business' pursuit of a parcel of land.

Other headlines of the day:

"Six people hurt in two Erie County traffic mishaps"

"Lutherans have annual services Thanksgiving Day"

"Thanksgiving will mark reopening Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church"

A back page advertisement also encapsulated life in the late '40s.

An Ohio Public Service Company stated it has been meeting the growing needs of Sandusky and Erie County's business development.

It states Sandusky was one of the first cities to have electric street cars, street lights and general home lighting.

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