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More laptops for students

Alissa Widman Neese • Jun 10, 2014 at 10:30 AM


A possible influx of state grant funding could soon provide Clyde High School students with a batch of brand new laptops.

Clyde-Green Springs school board members gathered for a special meeting 8 a.m. Monday to OK the potential purchase at the district's board of education office.

If funding becomes available, district officials plan to purchase 75 Samsung Chromebooks for about $18,150 total.

Students would use the lightweight laptops, which primarily store data online, in the high school's virtual learning lab.

By the end of the week, state officials are expected to notify Clyde-Green Springs Schools officials if they indeed receive any grant money, district treasurer Joyce Dupont said.

They recently informed her the district was eligible to participate.

The grant fund is called Alternative Education Grant 463, and districts awarded funds must spend the allotted extra cash by June 30, she said.

The potential purchase would expand a recently OK'd effort to provide Clyde-Green Springs Schools fifth-through-eighth graders with their own Chromebooks.

In late April, the district purchased about 750 Chromebooks for about $184,000 total for the younger students' computers.

The district hopes to eventually provide all Clyde High School students with their own devices once enough funding is available.

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