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Suspect arrested two months after alleged assault

Courtney Astolfi • Jun 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM

A Sandusky resident accused of fracturing another man's jaw in February was arrested for the alleged offense Friday.

Phillip Frazier, 25, of the 2200 block of Olds Street, was charged with one count of felonious assault.

In the early morning hours of Feb. 1, a Huron man went to Firelands Regional Medical Center with a fractured jaw, according to a Sandusky police report.

The man couldn't say where he was when he was assaulted, nor did he know who was to blame, the report said.

The only tidbit the victim remembered was standing in a home's living room, changing a song on the stereo, then being punched by two men for switching the music, the report said.

Officers later reached out to the man's friend, who said the man responded with a racial slur when asked about a ride home.

It was at that point the suspect, later identified as Frazier, walked into the room, allegedly punched the man twice in the face, then walked away. A second suspect then approached the man and leveled a third blow at his face, as well, the report said.

The friend also told police the party they were at was being held in Frazier's honor, as he was going into the military, the report said.

A few weeks later, the man identified Frazier in a photo line-up. He also identified the second man who allegedly punched him— Thane Spalsbury, 24, of the 4500 block of Venice Heights Boulevard.

Officers drew up warrants for both men, arresting Spalsbury about a month after the incident.

Frazier, however, was not located until Friday afternoon.

He was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail.

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