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Mayor apologizes for cemetery conditions

Alex Green • Jun 3, 2014 at 11:33 AM


Port Clinton Mayor Vincent Leone knows the importance of cemeteries.

"I have a parent buried outside of Port Clinton," Leone said.

It's one reason he offered an apology to residents for the lack of attention the city's cemeteries have recently received.

Leone said saw for himself just after Memorial Day weekend, and acknowledged city crews have overlooked this sacred part of the community. 

"It was disgusting," he said, referring to the maintenence and upkeep.

Parts were properly mowed, he said, while other areas were left unattended to. Limbs from past storms weren't picked up. 

"I'm the head guy so it falls into my lap," he said.

City crews made cemetery cleanup its top priority last week, and Leone vowed to continue to put more resources into these public areas. He encouraged council members to join his efforts.

Furthermore, Leone offered a formal written apology:

This apology comes with great humility. It has come to my attention that the condition of the city cemeteries is less than acceptable.

It would be easy to point at many contributing factors and make excuses as to why the cemeteries are in the condition that they were in this past Memorial weekend, or any other time for that matter.

Excuses are unacceptable and unwarranted. The condition of the City cemeteries are the fault of my lack of attention and nothing less.

For this reason, I find myself writing this letter asking for the people of Port Clinton for forgiveness in my lack of attention to the cemeteries where your loved ones rest.

In moving forward to remedy the obvious needs and attention to our cemeteries, I will work with the workers to present a better environment to show the proper respect to your loved ones. Additionally, I will work with Council in hopes to direct funding for the betterment of our city cemeteries.

Any future concerns with the operations of the cemetery can be directed to the City Hall at 419-734-5522 Ext. 8, which will be forwarded to me by my administrative assistant. I once again offer my sincere apologies.

-Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone

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