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Causeway the gateway to speed

Andy Ouriel • Jun 2, 2014 at 6:18 PM


Forget about darting down roller coasters and other thrill rides at Cedar Point.

Many speed freaks can get their jollies by blazing down a free attraction at velocities exceeding peak paces of Blue Streak, Corkscrew and Gemini.

Like sunburns or oversized carnival prizes, it’s a common Cedar Point sight to see cars zipping down the causeway at speeds easily eclipsing 50 mph, 60 mph and even 70 mph.

The causeway speed limit restricts drivers from traveling faster than 35 mph.

In this new season, however, neither local police personnel nor park executives plan on upping patrols in this area when asked by the Register.

“Our agency hasn’t received any complaints involving the speed limits in that area,” Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. “We routinely patrol this stretch of roadway, as we do the other streets assigned to zone cars on shifts, looking for speed violations.”

In 2013, Sandusky police cited or arrested people in 130 separate instances when cruising down Cedar Point Drive or the causeway. About 15 of these 130 instances involved someone speeding.

Cedar Point’s police force primarily handles incidents involving traffic on the causeway, which is generally considered north of First Street. Cedar Point Drive leads into the causeway.

“The Cedar Point and city of Sandusky police departments routinely monitor the causeway and issue warnings and traffic citations for anyone caught not obeying the speed limit,” Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said.

But — like the concealed interior of former roller coaster Disaster Transport — it's a mystery as to how often, if even at all, park police personnel dole out speeding tickets.

Despite being subject to a public record, Edwards wouldn’t reveal how many tickets Cedar Point police has issued out in the past.

“That’s all the information I have,” Edwards said.

Friendly chatter

The Register recently asked its Facebook friends how fast they drive down the Cedar Point Causeway. Here are some of those responses:

• Tim Stang: I go with the flow. Usually, it’s around 40 or 45.

• Jason Hippely: The speed limit should be higher on the causeway.

• Nick Hamad: 35 mph is perfect.

• Tyler Barnett: I actually drive 35 to 40. It should not be faster. There are employees that have to clean it, which I used to do myself, and I can’t tell you how many times people just fly at 50 or sideswipe the work truck we used sometimes.

• Zinedine Ayrton Theisen: I got the old Crown Vic up to 85 once.

• Jeremy Bursley: I think the speed limit should be increased.

• Calvin Braun: I piss people off because I only drive (the) speed limit. Cops are scared to set up there and catch (speeders) because heaven forbid Cedar Point gets wind of it and accuses them of being anti-tourist.

• Shaun Bickley: In the offseason, I like to hit triple digits. You can get air on the bridge. Hold your beer tight because it usually spills everywhere.

• Kenny Whitcomb: A lot of years ago, I got pulled over for doing 65 on the causeway. I think the speed limit should be more like 45 though.

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