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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Police search for ATM thief

Alissa Widman Neese • May 30, 2014 at 5:39 PM


An unknown culprit busted into the BP Mickey Mart on Columbus Avenue and Strub Road early Thursday morning, snatched the convenience store's ATM and left the store in disarray.

A manager arrived at about 4:45 a.m. and found the store's front door window shattered and its interior in shambles, with items scattered across the floor.

Watch video of the break-in in the player below

Someone severed the phone lines behind the store, deactivating its alarm, according to a Perkins police report.

About 15 minutes prior, Perkins police found what they believe to be an abandoned, damaged getaway van on Campbell Street, just north of Bell Avenue, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

The abandoned 1992 Chevy Lumina had the top of the ATM inside it. 

Police found the remainder of the missing ATM lying in nearby bushes, and discovered the thief or thieves had gained access to its contents. 

"That takes some work," Klamar said. "It's unknown how much was inside, and we don't know what method they used at this time."

Police contacted the Lumina's owner, who lives in the 1400 block of Dixon Drive, and learned someone stole the van during the night. Police have not yet identified any suspects, but they are working with Mickey Mart and nearby businesses to obtain surveillance footage. They plan to release any videos to the Register.

Anyone with information should call 419-627-0824.

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