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Man attempts to set woman on fire

Sandusky Register Staff • May 27, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Sandusky police on Sunday afternoon arrested a 57-year old Sandusky man for felonious assault after he set a woman on fire Wednesday.

Daniel Johnson was arrested on a second degree charge of felonious assault at his apartment at 416 E. Adams St., according to a police report. He is being held at the Erie County jail without bond.

Bonnie Bower, 52, told police she was sleeping in Johnson’s bed Wednesday after they had been drinking, Bower said.

Bower reported a portion of the incident on Saturday and showed officers a small burn on her leg. She then told officers she did not want to press charges. On Sunday she came back and told officers she had been afraid before but wanted charges pressed on Johnson.

Bower told police on Sunday Johnson woke her up demanding she leave, but she told him she was too drunk to leave. She soon woke up to an extreme burning on her right thigh and rolled around to put out the flames, according to a police report.

Johnson was standing there and said “I knew that would wake you up b****,” Bower told police

He told her he had set her on fire with lighter fluid.

She had severe burns on the back of her right thigh. Officers noticed several dark bruises on Bower’s body which she said was from Johnson hitting her.

Bower had already gone to Firelands Regional Medical Center on Saturday.

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