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Wobser contract: Four years, $120K

Andy Ouriel • Jun 2, 2014 at 6:23 PM

One buzzworthy contract signing in Ohio this year involves whether or not LeBron James rejoins the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, about 60 miles away, a different deal carrying significant importance awaits authorization from another heralded man.

But unlike LeBron, Eric Wobser signing in Sandusky is anything but a hard decision.

No drama surrounds Wobser, Sandusky’s newly named city manager, inking his name on a four-year contract crafted by Sandusky officials.

At Tuesday’s public meeting, city commissioners plan to vote on the deal. Shortly thereafter, Wobser should sign the agreement and begin working for Sandusky on July 7.

His new four-year deal spans through July 7, 2018.

Among the contract’s major highlights, Wobser stands to:

•Earn no less than $120,000 a year.

•Receive as much as $136,000 annually, from July, 7, 2015, onward if he completes certain yearly benchmarks set for him. The criteria for bonus pay revolves around Wobser developing, spearheading and implementing goals based on four city topics: economic and neighborhood development; financial management and budgeting; regional collaboration; and communications, marketing and community engagement.

•Obtain health insurance all other city employees can subscribe to.

•Acquire 15 paid administrative leave days — which can be used on vacation, sick leave or personal time, among other reasons — in the first full year he works for Sandusky. Any days not used up until July 2015 can’t carryover into future years and will be forfeited.

•Amass 14 years of total service time after his first full year of employment. This is for vacation purposes. He stands to receive three weeks of vacation time in his second year. He can then accrue and carry over any unused time in accordance with Sandusky’s bylaws. In the contract’s third and fourth years, Wobser can receive four weeks of vacation each year.

•Reap $6,000 annually for reimbursements related to education, professional development and membership fees.

•Collect $10,000 to cover relocation costs when he eventually moves into Sandusky.

“I think it’s a very fair contract, given his qualifications, his education and his experience,” said Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr., who’s also a lawyer and helped develop this deal. “Eric wanted to have it as a four-year term to have some security. But the fact that he is willing to come back to Sandusky is such a wonderful thing for our community”

Another interesting stipulation: If city commissioners vote to fire Wobser anytime during this four-year contract, then officials — using local taxpayer funds — must purchase the city manager’s home at fair market value if he can’t sell his house within a four-month period after getting terminated.

“Unlike a contract which provides salary continuation (after getting fired), this is a wash for the city,” Murray said. “Yes, we might potentially have to put up cash, but we get an asset of equal value”

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