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Money bags missing from cancer center

Sandusky Register Staff • Jun 2, 2014 at 6:22 PM

Administrators at North Coast Cancer Center filed a report Monday about two bags of money that came up missing months ago from the Quarry Lakes Drive facility, according to an Erie County deputy’s report. Each bag contained about $300.

A department administrator and the financial supervisor called deputies because company policy requires them to report such incidents. It’s unclear why they waited until Monday to report the possible theft. The administrators said the bags were noticed missing Feb. 17. They were stored in a safe with four other bags of money used for making change for clinic patients who make payments, the report said. 

The administrators told deputies six employees had access to the safe, and each employee was responsible for one bag of money. A Cleveland Clinic courier who picks up the money for transport also has access to the funds, the report said. The administrators said they met with all the employees and “could not provide any information as to which employee may have been responsible.” The deputy then learned one employee had been transferred to a Lorain office the day after the money came up missing. The two missing bags had been assigned to two employees who were out on family medical leave, the report said.

One of the administrators said they were required to file an incident report and said policies have since been implemented to prevent future thefts.

The deputy asked the administrators to contact him immediately next time there’s a suspected crime.

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